Transcript of Dan Campbell’s full message to Detroit Lions fans

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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HBO Hard Knocks with the Detroit Lions, Dan Campbell

On Saturday, the Detroit Lions held their Family Fest at Ford Field and they kicked things off with an emotional speech from head coach, Dan Campbell.

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Here is the full transcript of Campbell’s message for Lions fans who were in attendance at Ford Field.

“You guys have heard me say this, but I think what makes Detroit special is the fact that the fans, you guys will roll your sleeves up and put in a hard day’s work and I think we want to model ourselves after that,” Campbell said. “I’ll tell you what, you would give your coat in winter. You would give your coat to somebody in winter that needed it, man. That’s what this community’s about.

“However,” he continued, pausing for effect. “However … however, nobody will take advantage of our hospitality. Nobody. So that’s who we’re about, that’s what they’re about. This team is working their rear off to give you something to be proud of. We’re grinding it out right now and I know this, we are fricking starving. We are starving … so the hyenas better get out of the way.”

Here is a video of Campbell speaking to the fans prior to Saturday’s practice/scrimmage.

Dan Campbell allows coordinators to call plays on the fly

During the scrimmage, Dan Campbell allowed for his coordinators to adjust based on what happened on the prior down, rather than setting up each play with a predetermined down and distance.

From Detroit Free Press:

“I think really what we’ll get out of this is now particularly for our coordinators, they’re calling down and distance,” Campbell said. “It’s more play-like for them, and then for the players, they got to be able to react. This is not run-play-pass period, this is not third down period. This is all encompassing, so now we’ll see how they handle these things.”

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