What Can Hometown Hero Aidan Hutchinson Deliver His Rookie Season?

Paul and A.J. discuss what they expect out of the rookie Aidan Hutchinson in his first season of NFL action for the Detroit Lions.

Rookie Season Expectations for Aidan Hutchinson

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Aidan Hutchinson Expectations

Paul Rochon: Aidan Hutchinson. And I’m going to get away from the blanket obvious statements. Obviously, you want to see the guys come in and you want to see them improve every week and adjust more to the NFL. So they go like the obvious platitudes, of course. 

Aidan Hutchinson specifically, I want to see him down to down. Beginning those pressures. I don’t care about the sack total and I don’t need him to get eight sacks this year. I don’t need him to make a hundred tackles this season, especially as a defensive end, they don’t make a hundred tackles in a season. 

What I want to see is him being a headache. I want him to be relentless, that motor that he is known for in college.

His technique is going to grow over time in the NFL. He is going to learn what moves work and do not work against NFL-level offensive linemen. It’s not going to be the same as it was in college. That bull rush that he put on, I think it was Thayer Munford, Ohio State, right? The one that blew up Twitter, that’s probably not going to happen at the NFL level.

It was an awesome play to watch. Probably not going to happen at the NFL level. You would have to be real flat-footed and not properly prepared at the NFL level for that to happen. 

That’d be crazy, but I want to see him be a general headache. I want that motor to shine and I want it to put pressure, maybe cause a little bit of panic, or generate some false starts, maybe move a quarterback off the pocket. He’s not going to take over games, in his rookie season. As much as I think he’s the best prospect, there’s a lot to learn at this level as an edge rusher.

Hutchinson, Be A Headache

A lot of people think that edge rushers are just about, oh, I’m strong and I’m fast. There’s so much technique to it. There really is, not just technique, but reading the lineman that you’re lined up across and knowing what moves to use and how to mirror their body, how to use your hands. It’s something a lot of young players struggle with is how to use their hands.

So that’s what I want to see. I want to see him be a general headache throughout the season, and then going on to Jameson Williams.

A.J. Reilly: Wait, I don’t get to talk about Hutchinson? I’m just kidding. Here’s what I want to see from Hutch, right? I want to see the motor. I want to see him prove why he was the best draft prospect in this class. For Hutch, it’s one of those situations where I need to see him affect the game plan to where other people are making place.

Why was David Ojabo so good at Michigan last year? Aside from the fact that he is a very good athlete, but a very raw athlete, there’s a lot of concentration on 97. So let’s get to the point with Hutch where he is a headache like you said, but people are having to start to game plan for the headache that he’s creating, which is going to free up our other ends and potentially other draft picks that we made later in the draft 

Paul Rochon: To touch on what I said, one thing that I’m specifically statistic wise to track, I want to see that pass, rush.

That’s going to be a key number for me. And obviously, I want to see it grow throughout the season, but I want that pass, rush, and wind rate to be there. It doesn’t always mean pressures and sacks, but I want to see him when he’s engaged in one-on-one blocks, I want to see him win those more often than not.

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Written by Amy Price

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