Detroit Tigers’ Young Talents of Greene, Carpenter, and Torkelson Pave the Way for Promising Future

Discover how the Detroit Tigers' young talents of Riley Greene, Kerry Carpenter, and Spencer Torkelson's breakout performances are laying the foundation for success. A glimpse into the trio's impact on the team's resurgence

The Detroit Tigers are on the downward side of their 2023 season. A season that has been markedly run-of-the-mill and yet at the same time surprising. At one point they were within striking distance of the top spot in the AL Central, though those dreams have quickly faded. Even amid another losing season, Riley Greene, Kerry Carpenter, and Spencer Torkelson, the Detroit Tigers' young talent, have emerged as a solid foundation moving forward in 2024.

Detroit Tigers' young talents shaping future

Greene, Carpenter, and Torkelson have been solid in their first full season in the Majors for each of them. Each one of them did not complete the full season in 2022, and aside from a couple of injuries, they each will complete 2023 with the big club. It's been a solid 2023 for each of them too, even with Torkelson's slow start. His patience and perseverance have started to pay dividends, getting his first four-hit game, including a home run, the other day against Boston.

Riley Greene and Kerry Carpenter are among league leaders, aged 25 and under, in run creation. Greene has produced a wRC+ of 137, while Carpenter sits at 135; those are good for sixth and seventh in the Majors. When the parameters are taken further down to just those 23 and under, Riley leads them all. Not to mention his .307/.369/.478 slash line and 2.6 WAR.

Detroit Tigers' young talents, Kerry Carpenter, Riley Greene, Spencer Torkelson.

By the way, Torkelson is 43rd on that list of 25 and younger players. He's producing a league-average wRC+ right now but has seen an uptick in his offensive approach since the All-Star Break. Since the All-Star Break he's producing a 107 wRC+ and he leads the team in home runs with 18. In fact, the 43 home runs from these three players are good for 38% of the team's home run total. Three guys with most of the power production. In fact, only Jake Rogers is the only other player with double-digit home runs on the team.

Solid Foundation for Tigers' Future

Each of these three guys is 25 years or younger and has at least four years of control left. With the emergence of Colt Keith, the acquisition of Justin-Henry Malloy, and the drafting of Max Clark the future for the Tigers, paired with these three bats is bright. Do they still need some help? Of course, a bat like Matt Chapman this offseason would speak volumes to the direction of this team.

There has always been talk about the cupboard being bear for the Detroit Tigers, and while it's thin it's not empty. Scott Harris has made moves that lengthen the depth we have in the farm system and hopefully, they developmental measures they've put in place will help the Tigers hit on more prospects than in the past. But for the three-headed monster of Carpenter, Greene, and Torkelson the future is already here. They will be the vets that lead the young guys as this next wave comes up in 2024 and set their sights on a division championship.


  • Detroit Tigers' 2023 season is a mix of mediocrity and surprises.
  • Young talents Riley Greene, Kerry Carpenter, and Spencer Torkelson are emerging as a foundation for the team's future success.
  • Greene and Carpenter excel in run creation, with Greene leading the pack among players aged 23 and under.
  • Torkelson's offensive improvement post-All-Star Break contributes significantly to the team's power production.
  • The trio's promising future is complemented by prospects like Colt Keith, Justin-Henry Malloy, and Max Clark.
  • Strategic moves have strengthened the Tigers' farm system, setting the stage for the upcoming wave of talent led by the trio.


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