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  • fat-bastard

    Man Cave

    What Happened to Nick Fairley?

    So as we all know, Nick Fairley has been demoted to second team defense.  “Well, why is this Dan? What happened to him?”  Well, let...

  • NFL: Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders

    Detroit Lions

    Detroit Lions DT Nick Fairley Officially Second Team

    The Detroit Lions have more problems with their talented, but problematic, defensive tackle Nick Fairley. What is going on with Nick Fairley? Nobody really knows...

  • Detroit Pistons

    Detroit Pistons in a place no team wants to be in

    In the NBA, there are two categories you want to fall in: either you’re incredibly bad, like the Philadelphia 76ers, or you’re a perennial title...

  • nfl_a_cjohnson_eebron_dj_600

    Detroit Lions

    Detroit Lions 53-man Roster Projection

    The Detroit Lions have completed two of their four preseason games, and it is starting to become more apparent who the Detroit Lions may be...

  • Detroit Tigers

    The Price is Right

    Normally moving David Price’s start back a day would put fans in a tiff, but on August 16th in Detroit, it turned out to be...