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Top 5 Catches by Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson


Calvin “” Johnson. Arguably the most talented Detroit Lions wide receiver of all time, and currently best in the NFL. Sure, there are a few guys close, but they are still no where near the game-changing talent that is /a>. Not many of Megatron’s go unnoticed, but a few will definitely be remembered as the best catches of his career. Calvin Johnson defies physics. He is the picture of Detroit Lions football. Calvin Johnson is a beast.

5. December 6th, 2009. One of the first Stafford to Megatron connections ever, and a beauty of a play. Calvin Johnson just flat out beats two defenders, badly. A perfect pass from Mathew Stafford, a perfect route by Megatron, and a great touchdown for the Detroit Lions.

4. 2008 didn’t give Detroit Lions fans anything really great to remember. Most people only remember the Lions going 0-16, and for good reason. It was an embarrassing season. But the one positive that was evident, is that Calvin Johnson was blooming, and he was destined to be great. Daunte Culpepper drops a present in the lap of Megatron on this play, and Megatron knew exactly what to do with it. Score.

3. 96 yards. Dan Orlovsky hits a wide open Calvin Johnson, and the rest is history.

2. Drew Stanton gets credit for another touchdown here, but it was all Megatron. Calvin Johnson goes across the middle on a slant route, and throws two Heisman-like stiff arms. And the most beautiful part of it all, it was against the Bears.

1. Sometimes, there is a little reward for a high risk situation. One of the most polarizing catches in NFL history, also happens to be the start of a beautiful comeback win for the Detroit Lions over the Dallas Cowboys. Simply known as “The Catch” by Lions’ fans, number one on this list is a catch you just have to see to believe.

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