Tigers valued at $1.125 billion by Forbes


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Forbes Magazine released it's annual analysis of the overall financial worth of Major League Baseball and the findings are extraordinary. According to the article the average value of a MLB team is $1.2 billion and the entire league valued at $36 billion. This number is up by 48% since last year, which is the fastest increase since the first analysis in 1998. Television contracts, advertising, ticket, and merchandise sales are contributing factors to a team's overall worth. Baseball has never been more profitable as there are now 15 teams worth over $1 billion. This number increased from only five in 2014.

The Detroit Tigers are the 13th most valuable franchise as Detroit is valued at just under the MLB average of $1.125 billion. At 7.62 on Fox Sports Detroit, the Tigers had the second-highest local television rating in the entire MLB.

Perhaps attributing to the Tigers value being below league average, the team was in the top 3 of MLB for operating losses last season.

It's no surprise that the New York Yankees are the most valuable team, ringing in at $3.2 billion (cha-ching). The Yankees have held onto the top spot each year since 1998 and, along with the Dallas Cowboys, are the top United States sports franchise in terms of value.



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