Detroit Lions' DT Ndamukong Suh's Contract Remains the Talk of Spring Training



Lions' Ndamukong Suh leaves; will he have a new deal when he returns? | Detroit Free Press |

Suh sprinted off the field after the final practice of Detroit Lions minicamp today without saying a word to reporters for a second straight day.


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With Suh's contract talks stealing the headlines this spring, ' new head coach Jim Caldwell is having a lot of the weight taken off of his own shoulders. A lot of the media questions directed at Caldwell are about his star DT's contract negotiations. Although it feels like a circus trying to get Suh signed to an extension, it could have a positive impact on the rest of the team. Some of the younger players at CB, such as Darius Slay and Bill Bentley, are able to learn their new defensive system without as much pressure on them as there reasonably should be. It seems like a lot of negative publicity chooses to follow Suh, but it really could benefit the rest of the Detroit Lions.


It doesn’t mean a trade is impossible.  Even though Suh carries a cap number in excess of $22 million with the Lions, a new team would absorb only (only?) his $12.55 million base salary.  The more important question nevertheless will be how much he will be paid as part of a new deal that the Lions have yet to be able to finalize with the second overall pick in the 2010 draft.

At this point, that hasn’t happened.  It’s likewise not expected to happen.  And it’s unknown whether Suh will get a new contract or play out the final year of his deal and hit the open market, since it would take more than $26 million to keep him around under the franchise tag.


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  1. 2 years ago we started 6-0, made playoffs and i thought this could be the beginning of a bright future than.LAST YEAR HAPPENED?!?!

  2. People hes leaving get used to the thought hes all about himself n will go where he wants lions are just the dumb ones left holding the bag should have traded him at the draft now we get nothing

  3. I dont believe hes all about himself. Hes a great ball player, who is 1of the best at his position, without the lure of money why would u stay in Detroit? Yes its my team , but coaches keep turning over, keep losing and horrible history, if not for the promise of MONEY or winning ways why would u stay, even our best Barry.wanted out.

  4. Fans beating up on the team already, this season haven't even started yet, please give the new coaching staff a chance. I am NOT writing this team off yet.


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