Ian Kinsler has certainly proven since he’s become a member of the Detroit Tigers that he knows how to swing a bat. The question is: does he know how to design one?

Kinsler is teaming with music star Jack White to help promote a new line of baseball bats from Warstic Wood Bat Company. Warstic was founded by Ben Jenkins who had a career as a baseball player in the Philadelphia Phillies minor league system. The company offers bats that can be customized to hundreds of specifications. For his part, Kinsler told MLive that he believes a bat can be more than just a piece of equipment:

“I was drawn to Warstic not only by its uncompromising quality but also what it represents,” Kinsler said. “Ben and the team truly believe that a bat should be more than just a bat, it can be a tool, an attitude and at the same time a personalized representation of who you are as an athlete.”

Jack White is interested in the personalized expression of the new line of bats:

“Most baseball bats and equipment in the sports world do not impress me much,” White said, “but I think that there is a lot of room to explore aesthetic ideas in just baseball alone that can bring beauty and purpose to the weapons that athletes use to accomplish their goals.”

Kinsler has been using the Warstic bat all season and has even been shown holding it during promotional shots.

Check out more information about Warstic bats at: www.warstic.com