Joey Mac is Back!


This morning, the Detroit Red Wings agreed to terms with 31 year old Joey MacDonald on a deal that will keep him in the Red Wings organization for the next two years. The 6′, 197 pound goaltender from Nova Scotia served his second tour of duty with the Red Wings last year. He originally signed as an undrafted free agent in 2002, and split time as the Grand Rapids Griffins goaltender with Jimmy Howard and Drew MacIntyre.

He posted a career best .917 save percentage and 2.58 GAA this season in 15 appearances for the Wings.

Since being claimed off of waivers by the Boston Bruins in February, 2007, MacDonald has also played in the Islanders and Leafs organizations. He has played in 83 NHL games in his career, as well as more than 200 AHL games. MacDonald is the Griffins all time leader in shutouts, wins and save percentage.

There are no details currently known about the contract, other than it being a two year deal. That is significant, because if it is a two-way deal, the Wings may be intending on still adding another goalie and sending MacDonald to Grand Rapids to continue to mentor Pearce and McCollum.

If it’s a one way deal, then we can basically assume he will be the full-time backup.

If it is in fact a two-way deal, the options that still remain are: Ty Conklin, Chris Osgood and Daniel Larsson.

The Wings may be scared off by Conklin’s sub-par numbers from a year ago, but he could very well still be in the mix. If they signed him, one would think that he and MacDonald would have to battle it out for the backup job out of training camp, with the other on waivers headed to Grand Rapids.

If Osgood, upon returning from Scotland and speaking with Ken Holland, is certain he can play this year, and is offered a contract, then he would become the primary backup. MacDonald would then be on his way to the Griffins.

Finally, if the Wings can convince Larsson to come over from his starting job in Sweden with HV71 to try to win the job as Howard’s backup, he could wind up with the job. That’s the most intriguing scenario to me, because if Larsson wins the job, then MacDonald provides some depth in Grand Rapids. If MacDonald beats him for the backup spot, then Larsson just goes back to his team in Jonkoping.

Either way, there is still plenty to be decided about the Red Wings goaltending situation.


***UPDATED AT 12:18 PM EST***

Joey MacDonald’s deal is two-way, and Jim Nill has called it an insurance policy. That virtually guarantees that another goaltender (be it Osgood, Conklin, Larsson or other will be brought in).



  1. Great article!
    Joey Mac played well when called up, even with his first ever NHL shutout if I'm not mistaken.. Good choice for a #3 tender.

  2. Late response to this but...I love it. I dont understand all the JMac hate. He was solid when called upon with the excepption of that St. louis blowout. He seems to be relatively sound positionally, seems to be better with his rebounds than Jimmah is, fairly quick, and battles so hard for pucks(doesnt seem to give up). I understand hes an AHL journeyman but I still think he's a viable option as a backup.

    On a different note Im just not happy with our forward core going forward. I don't think its there yet. But im honestly worried that KH is done until the season starts. I dunno. I just hate seeing Hudler in this lineup. Yes two years ago he had clutch goals, and was great in the 3rd line. But now hes looking at first or second line duty and he just doesnt stack up(unless he plays with Datsyuk, and Pav could make ME look good in the Winged Wheel). I've heard the Semin trade rumors, and while yes hes an upgrading in the scoring department, I think he could be a bit of a cancer. What interests me are the Sabres. They're up against the cap and still need to sign players. While looking at their current roster two names jumped out at me: Drew Stafford and Derek Roy. Both are relatively young and have good scoring ptoential(at least as good as Hudler). Stafford would be my first choice since hes younger and is progressing. Where as Roy seemed to have an injury last year and is on the lower end of his scoring potential recently. The only downside to these are that they are both multi-year $4 mil cap contracts(Stafford is 4 years and Roy is 2).

    What say you Rob? (sorry for the long post)

    1. Never apologize for comment length, I'll talk hockey all day if there's someone to talk with :P

      Re: our forwards/Hudler/trades, I don't think Holland is finished molding the forward group for this season yet, and any trade we do make would likely involve Hudler going back the other way. Only problem is Hudler's value has never been lower, coming off that dismal showing last year. I would kind of like to see him with Datsyuk full time, as we saw what happened in his limited action with #13 last season. He also has been good with Filppula in the past. The key for him will be getting off on the right foot. His slow start to 2010 was the reason he never really got going, I think.

      Holland/Babcock want to add a top 9 forward that makes our team harder to play against, but can also add a little offense. Guys I'm looking at include Jason Chimera and Curtis Glenncross.

      As for the Sabres, they're a team I've been talking about since their late June/early July spending spree as a team that would need to move some money out, and Stafford and Roy were both on that list of players, as well as Jochen Hecht.

  3. Man I musta missed those....Or just forgot about that. Agreed that Hudler with Pav would help his numbers alot, but it would help other players as well. And if Hudler played top line minutes wouldnt that kind of bring Zetterberg down(centering the second line perhaps). I dunno...Im just not happy where we are at right now.


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