10 BOLD Detroit Pistons predictions for 2024

Take a look at our 10 BOLD Detroit Pistons predictions for 2024 now that the calendar has turned. How do they match up against your own? Photo Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski, USA Today Sports

Take a look at our 10 BOLD Detroit Pistons predictions for 2024 now that the calendar has turned. How do they match up against your own?

The Detroit Pistons are mired in a miserable campaign that few people saw coming, especially after the letter that GM Troy Weaver penned to fans this past summer. This was billed as the season that the team was expected to take the next step forward in their rebuilding process, and at best, perhaps even find themselves competing for a spot in the play-in tournament. However, what has followed has been historically embarrassing, as the Pistons now own the NBA's in-season record for most consecutive losses. Take a look at our 10 BOLD Detroit Pistons predictions for 2024 now that the calendar has turned.

10 BOLD Detroit Pistons predictions

The Pistons will not reach double-digit wins

The Pistons continue to struggle in what can be described as the season from hell, as evidenced by their recent loss to the Houston Rockets last night. Despite holding a double-digit lead at one point and controlling most of the game, Detroit experienced a late-game collapse that ultimately determined the outcome. The Pistons are an absolute mess, and it will take an act of God for them to even reach 10 wins.

Troy Weaver will make a desperate trade for a non-needed player

Despite having completely bungled the Pistons roster construction, the comments made by maligned team owner Tom Gores in a conference call late last month indicated that GM Troy Weaver will somehow be allowed to continue to make moves. Weaver's track record with Detroit isn't encouraging, and there's no reason for optimism that it will change any time soon.

Bojan Bogdanovic will not be traded

Reports indicate Troy Weaver missed an opportunity to trade Bogdanovic to a contending team last season, potentially acquiring a pair of 1st round Draft picks in exchange. His decision not to pursue this deal has been criticized, revealing mismanagement of the team's assets.

It wouldn't be unexpected to see Bogdanovic remaining on the roster even past the NBA Trade Deadline.

Monty Williams will resign after the season

Williams was enticed to join the Pistons this summer with a substantial contract, a decision made after expressing a desire to take a coaching break following his termination from the Phoenix Suns. However, despite the handsome compensation, Williams appears to be grappling with buyer's remorse, evident in his demeanor during postgame press conferences.

Tom Gores will continue avoiding fans and local media

Gores faced backlash from fans in the latter part of last month when he dismissed their calls for him to sell the franchise as “ridiculous.” Over the years, it has become apparent that Gores assumed ownership of the franchise not with the primary goal of steering it toward success and restoring its former glory but rather for personal gain. He will likely continue to evade direct interactions with fans and local media in Detroit, potentially reinforcing his stance against considering the possibility of selling the team.

Cade Cunningham will request a trade

Cunningham, selected as the 1st overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, landed in Detroit with high expectations. However, due to the franchise's evident decline during his tenure, it wouldn't be surprising if Cunningham's representatives were exploring options to guide him towards a fresh start elsewhere, given the current dismal state of the team that doesn't appear to be ready to change any time soon.

The Pistons will not get an optimal draft choice

Despite holding the NBA's worst record at 3-36 through the initial 39 games of the season, those in Detroit are acutely aware that the most deserving team for a high draft choice doesn't always secure one. The harsh reality is that success in the draft lottery doesn't necessarily align with a team's performance on the court.

Marvin Bagley III will be dealt

Marvin Bagley III has been a misfit within this roster and has been regarded as another questionable move by Troy Weaver. Before the NBA's February 8 Trade Deadline, there may be interest from several teams looking to acquire him. (NOTE: THIS HAPPENED)

Ausar Thompson finally starts to get more minutes

The Pistons' rookie experienced a significant reduction in playing time during December, sparking speculation about a potential clash with Williams. Should the Pistons decide to part ways with one or more players leading up to the Deadline, Thompson's playing time will see an increase.

The Pistons bring back Tobias Harris as a free-agent

Gores emphasized the importance of salary cap space in his conference call with a select group of media members late last month. However, there are concerns that Weaver might mishandle the situation by extending an inflated deal to a former Piston, who is set to become a free agent over the summer.

Detroit Pistons face setback

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Pistons find themselves mired in a challenging season, attributed to inadequate roster construction by Troy Weaver, resulting in them setting a new NBA in-season record for consecutive losses.
  2. Our 10 bold predictions for the Detroit Pistons encompass the potential resignation of Monty Williams, a requested departure by Cade Cunningham, and insights into the future of Bojan Bogdanovic, whom Troy Weaver could have traded last year but didn't.
  3. Furthermore, despite their record, the Pistons may not secure a top-3 draft pick, and there's a possibility of acquiring Tobias Harris in free agency, despite concerns about the fit.

Bottom Line: Can the Pistons avoid setting NBA history?

Currently, the Pistons are in potential contention for making unfortunate NBA history as potentially the worst team in league history. With a record of 3-36, they are on pace for a dismal 6-76 season, surpassing the previous all-time worst record held by the 1973 Philadelphia 76ers at 9-73.

With the ongoing incompetence of both Troy Weaver and Tom Gores, there is a lack of optimism for the franchise's future at this time. The persistent management issues raise concerns about the team's prospects moving forward.