2016 Conference Preview: Big Ten

2015 was supposed to be the Big Ten’s victory lap after Ohio State took home the first ever College Football Playoff National Championship in 2014, but things didn’t go as planned.

The Michigan State Spartans, the 2015 Big Ten Playoff representative, were held scoreless in the National Semifinal by eventual champion Alabama Crimson Tide. What was one of the more exciting Big Ten regular seasons in recent memory came to a screeching halt New Year’s Eve.

This season could shape up to be even more exciting. How will Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines fare in the coach’s second year? Who will play quarterback for them? Or for Michigan State? Who will be playing the 10 other offensive positions on the field besides quarterback for Ohio State? Can Iowa show taking the Big Ten West last year wasn’t just a fluke? There’s a bevy of things to keep an eye on the Big Ten, which should make it one of the more intriguing conferences in all of college football this year.

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