5 of the Detroit Lions’ Biggest Scandals

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Established in 1929, the Detroit Lions have had an interesting 85-year history since their conception. Having not won an NFL championship since 1957, the club is in the midst of a drought only topped by the Arizona Cardinals and is the only NFC team never to have graced the Super Bowl pitch. With such a baleful history and name for itself, the team, one would think, couldn’t do any worse. Alas, however, time and time again the Lions have been beset by controversy and scandal.

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Here are five of the biggest:

Reggie Bush, 2014

The team’s star running back, Reggie Bush, was recently thrown into hot water regarding comments he made about “harshly” disciplining his one-year-old daughter. The star admitted that he tried his hardest “not to leave bruises”, and as such his words could very likely launch an investigation into Bush’s parenting skills.

Alex Karras, April 1963

Way back in the sixties the Lions weren’t yet the butt of jokes, having only been win-less for six years, however this scandal definitely set the club on the road to ruin. In 1963 it emerged that Green Bay’s Paul Hornung and Detroit’s Alex Karras were being suspended; Karras and Hornung had been betting on NFL matches and informing top gamblers of the outcomes of games. What’s more, five other Detroit players were fined for gambling. Luckily this isn’t so much of an issue nowadays as players can play chance all they like online with providers such as JackpotCity, completely impartially!

Chuck Hughes, October 1971

In the NFL you expect your players to be in peak physical condition, able to truly take whatever comes at them. Unfortunately however, in 1971 the Lions’ receiver, Chuck Hughes, proved he truly didn’t have the mettle, collapsing dead mid-game from a heart attack. In a game where tolerance for physical activity is a must, we bet that alongside sadness being felt, eyebrows were surely raised after the event.

Mark Beslach, 2014

This little scandal that resulted in disenfranchised youth Mark Beslach being banned from all NFL games perhaps describes why the team has been doing so badly of recent. Beslach was found directing a laser pointer at Lions players, distracting them and generally being very annoying. The most idiotic thing about the controversy however is that the youth admitted jokingly that it was indeed him who had been distracting the players…

Nick Fairley, 2012

2012 was not a great year for Detriot’s defensive tackle Nick Fairley. In April the player was arrested in Alabama for marijuana possession (the charges were luckily dropped in December) and in May Fairley was arrested again in Alabama for driving under the influence, having no insurance, driving recklessly, having an open container of alcohol in the vehicle and attempting to elude police (yes…with an open beer sat next to him).

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