5 things to watch in Detroit Lions OTAs: Week 2 Edition

Week 2 of Detroit Lions OTAs are set to begin and there are a handful of things to pay close attention to.

The Detroit Lions started Week 2 of OTAs on Wednesday, and though media members were not allowed to attend, they will be there on Thursday, which means we should learn some interesting things. Here are 5 things to watch in this week's OTAs.

Malcolm Rodriguez Detroit Lions OTAs

5 things to watch in Detroit Lions OTAs: Week 2 Edition

1. Jared Goff's Accuracy

Some reports suggest that Jared Goff‘s accuracy was not up to par during Week 1 of OTAs. While it's still early in the offseason, it will be interesting to see if Goff can improve his accuracy this week. Fans and media will be hoping for a notable improvement, as nobody wants to read yet another article highlighting concerns about his accuracy.

2. Jahmyr Gibbs' Speed

One of the exciting prospects to keep an eye on is rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs. The Detroit Lions have high expectations for Gibbs in the 2023 season, and even without full pads, this week's OTAs will provide a glimpse of his potential against NFL players. Fans can anticipate flashes of brilliance from Gibbs as he showcases his speed and agility on the field.

3. Jameson Williams' Ball Security

During the 2022 season, Jameson Williams had limited playing time, but when he did, he struggled with dropped passes. This issue persisted during the first week of OTAs, raising concerns about his ball security. The upcoming practices will be an opportunity for Williams to demonstrate improved consistency in catching the football and address these concerns.

4. Kicking Battle

With the recent trade for Riley Patterson, the Detroit Lions now have three kickers on the roster, setting the stage for a competitive battle. As the team aims to narrow down the options and make an educated decision before training camp, the intensity of the competition among the kickers is expected to rise. Coaches will closely observe their performances during OTAs to assess their skills and make informed decisions.

5. Injury Updates: David Montgomery and Malcolm Rodriguez

Last week, both David Montgomery and Malcolm Rodriguez left OTAs early due to injuries. The hope is that these injuries were minor and won't significantly impact their availability for training camp. Fans will be eager for updates on their recovery progress as their health plays a vital role in the team's preparations.

The Bottom Line: Lions' OTAs Unveiling the Future

As the Detroit Lions progress through their offseason practices, each OTA session becomes crucial for evaluation and development. The second week of OTAs unveils several intriguing storylines, from Jared Goff's accuracy and Jahmyr Gibbs' potential impact to Jameson Williams' quest for improved ball security. The intense competition among kickers and the updates on injured players further heighten the excitement surrounding the team. With each practice, the Lions move closer to revealing their potential and setting the stage for an exciting future.