Athletics Push Tigers To Brink; Win Game 3, 6-3

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W: Parker (1-0)   L: Sanchez (0-1)  S: Balfour (1)

DETROIT, Michigan

Anibal Sanchez was knocked around for 6 runs, including a season high 3 home runs, as the Oakland Athletics have pushed the Detroit Tigers to the brink of elimination with a 6-3 win today at Comerica Park.

Josh Reddick, Brandon Moss, and Seth Smith all hit home runs off Sanchez, who had only allowed a total of 9 home runs all season heading into today. He was bounced after allowing 8 hits in just 4.1 innings.

The Detroit bats were able to put up a 3 spot in the 4th inning which awoke the sellout crowd of over 43,000, but that was short lived as Oakland put up 3 runs the very next half inning.

Jim Leyland elected to put Jhonny Peralta in left field in hopes of finding some offense, and Peralta played well all things considering. But the move may be too little too late for the slumping Tigers offense. In the 27 innings played this series, Detroit has only been able to score runs in 2 of them. Combine that with the 3 total runs they scored in the final series in Miami, including a no-hitter on Sunday, and the Tigers are in an unthinkable offensive slump.

Benches cleared in the 9th after Grant Balfour and Victor Martinez had words. No punches were thrown but maybe this will spark the Tigers going into Game 4.

It’s unlikely Jim Leyland will send Max Scherzer out to pitch Game 4 on short rest, so the pressure will be on Doug Fister to keep this series going and send it back to Oakland.

Lots will be debated in the coming days and weeks about this team if they are unable to get their bats rolling. See you tomorrow evening for Game 4.

82 thoughts on “Athletics Push Tigers To Brink; Win Game 3, 6-3”

  1. Glad I don’t have to watch this pos garbage team after tomorrow!!! They are gutless and have no heart!!!

  2. sucks they lost…but no hate comments from me….. if i was “perfect” at life maybe i would bitch.

  3. The tigers just need a 2 game winning streak.. Think of how many 2 game winning streaks they have had. Not over yet

  4. Scherzer on short rest… if the Dodgers do it with Kershaw leading the series, we need to do it behind in the series

  5. Anything is possible, but unless they get the bats going there is 0% chance they extend this series. Something has to change.

  6. When I pay the money for jerseys and tickets and all that merchandise I can complain all I want about the team. We have a top 5 payroll that we complied to win a World Series, not just make the playoffs. Cabrera’s injury is not an excuse, some other guys need to step up. Scoring runs in 2 of 27 innings is completely ridiculous.

  7. I was really hoping Victor would pop Balfour in the yapper. That would have made it worth the price of admission right there.

  8. Hey Josh Galbreath…. You tell em bro !! Its over just accept it like last year. The billion boys just don’t have what it takes.

  9. Yes, do what the Dodgers are doing Kershaw on three days rest. Pitch Scherzer tomorrow afternoon. That is what has to change. Oh and hits they need to get hits. Lets Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

  10. I honestly don’t know what to say. Hopefully that 9th inning crap will spark something in these Tigers. Looks like they don’t even believe in themselves anymore.

  11. Don’t start Scherzer tomorrow. Fister is a great starter who keeps balls in the park. Don’t want to risk Scherzer having a bad game and we lose. We need to play for something.

  12. They’ve scored runs in 2 out of the last 36 innings they’ve played…better do something different!

  13. No way Scherzer goes tomorrow. Pitching isn’t the problem, even though Sanchez was a bit off today. Bats need to do their job.

  14. Next year they will win it when Robinson Cano and Giancarlo Stanton come to detroit and a new manger . Wit Miggy not 100% and the fact that there old and slow. If Miggy was 100% and they had a LF that could hit and had good bench players. It jus seems that we get are hopes up then they rip are hearts out. Boston is 2 good

  15. Who is old Hunter and Martinez and they both hit three hundred. Stanton maybe don’t need Cano. Infante is solid and hits. They are not done yet for this year. We sure have a lot of fair weather fans who quit when things get tough.

  16. Miguel being hurt is no excuses! With this line up and this pitching staff, they should be better what they have been!! This might be the best tiger team ever assembled! And these jerks are pissing it away!!! When they get knocked off tomorrow, they need to make some big changes!!!

  17. You guys act like winning a division and making it to the World Series is easy. You should just be happy that your team is in the playoffs. Of course we all want them to win but how could you sit there and say that the tigers suck and are garbage? They wouldn’t of got this far if they sucked. Every game in the playoffs is against a good pitcher and a good team. Shut up already.

  18. Lol^^ Cabrera has 3 hits in the series…. How many does Jackson, hunter and iglassies have? You sound dumb.

  19. The Tiges go in to a hitting slump from time to time. They’ve done it all year. During the season Cabrera would pick up the team during these slumps. With him hurt it’s just not the same. Tigers can still pull this thing off if the bats wake up. We’ll see.

  20. This is the same old stuff from a Leyland managed team here in Detroit. 8 years 4 playoff appearances and it looks like no WS title. It’s time for a change at the managerial position. 8 years is long enough.

  21. Really, Detroit Sports Nation. So the loss would have been fine if Victor would have attacked him? Grow up!

  22. How about Jimmy pulling Sanchez before he gave the game away, even the announcer knew to get Sanchez out but Jimmy was asleep at the switch.

  23. Hey Jill Samuels…. We’re not true tiger fans because we are realist and we don’t live in a dream world and we are not delusional, your right !! We’re hiking down reality lane.

  24. Hey look, I hope they win but I don’t believe it’s going to happen. You will be crying in your beer !!

  25. My daddy always told me not to cry in my beer….makes it flat and to Always….Always back your team……..Those boys are gonna take it all!

  26. Please in what fantasy world do you think that Detroit could afford to get both Robinson Cano and Giancarlo Staton plus be looking to resign Miggy long term amd possibly Max Scherzer as well.

  27. Hey Paul……what were you saying about vrying in my beer!! Spilled one as I watched Miggy hit one out…..but never once came close to crying in it! Bring on Boston….we’re ready!!

  28. Hey Jill…I was wrong and I’m glad I was wrong, I don’t cry in my beer because I don’t drink. I’m very happy they won, I didn’t think their bats could do it but Miggy is the man. I never did question Miggy because he is a bad boy but being hurt was questionable.

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