Penei Sewell suffers concussion at Detroit Lions training camp

Dan Campbell just dropped some awful news regarding Detroit Lions OT, Penei Sewell.

On Saturday, we passed along a report that Detroit Lions OT Penei Sewell would not be practicing and that we would have to wait until Sunday to find out why. Just moments ago, Lions head coach Dan Campbell revealed that Sewell suffered a concussion and is in concussion protocol until at least Wednesday. Campbell added that Sewell is doing well. “He’s doing good,” Campbell said. “He was good yesterday, so moving right along. Just trying to be safe.”

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Why it Matters

As Sewell embarks on his third season with the team, his presence has been constant throughout Campbell's coaching stint. He holds the distinction of being the inaugural draft pick under Brad Holmes and Campbell's leadership, effectively embodying the team's culture in numerous ways. Now considered a veteran, his words command attention, and rightfully so. Sewell stands out as one of the top performers each time he graces the field, serving as the bedrock of an exceptional offensive line.

Penei Sewell on Expectations and Pressure

Earlier in training camp, Penei Sewell spoke to the media about pressure and expectations:

“I mean, when we talk about expectations and pressure, I feel like pressure is kind of from interior. So if you put alot on yourself, if you feed yourself into that mindset, you're going to kind of get overwhelmed, right? But if you come out here like it's the same game I've played since you were two-years old, or the same game since I was on the island, just the same passion. All that. But, it is what it is. But I'm going to come out here because I love to do it.”

Key Points

  1. Penei Sewell has suffered a concussion and is currently in concussion protocol until at least Wednesday, as revealed by Lions' head coach, Dan Campbell.
  2. Sewell, going into his third season with the team, is a pivotal player for the Lions. As the inaugural draft pick under Brad Holmes and Campbell, he has been a constant influence on the team's culture and the strength of the offensive line.
  3. In a recent training camp, Sewell shared his perspective on expectations and pressure, emphasizing the importance of maintaining passion for the game and not becoming overwhelmed by the pressures from within.
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Bottom Line: Hoping for the best

The revelation of Sewell's concussion adds a layer of uncertainty to the Lions' team dynamic in the short term. Given his significant influence on the team, both on and off the field, his temporary absence could potentially affect the performance of the Lions. However, Sewell's positive and passionate attitude towards the game, as he expressed in his training camp presser, may help him manage the current situation and recover quickly, reducing any potential negative impact on the team.