C.J. Gardner-Johnson is not thrilled about his Madden 24 rating

Detroit Lions DB C.J. Gardner-Johnson has learned of his Madden 24 rating and he is not too happy.

The highly anticipated release of Madden 24 player ratings has sparked controversy and dissatisfaction among NFL players, and Detroit Lions safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson is among those expressing frustration. Gardner-Johnson received his rating of 84 overall, which places him at just 19th among all safeties in the game.

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C.J. Gardner-Johnson is not thrilled about his Madden 24 rating

Taking to Twitter, Gardner-Johnson expressed his disappointment with a sarcastic “Really madden” accompanied by crying laughter emojis.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson Madden 24

The Gap Between Performance and Rating

C.J. Gardner-Johnson's disappointment with his Madden 24 rating stems from the stark difference between his outstanding performance on the field and his ranking in the game. Leading the league in interceptions is a significant accomplishment that should be reflected in his rating. Additionally, being recognized as the eighth-best safety by a survey of industry professionals further highlights the disparity between his real-life abilities and his virtual representation.

Key Points

  • Madden 24 player ratings have sparked dissatisfaction among NFL players.
  • C.J. Gardner-Johnson received an 84 overall rating, ranking 19th among safeties.
  • Gardner-Johnson expressed his disappointment on Twitter, highlighting the discrepancy between his performance and rating.
  • His exceptional performance, leading the league in interceptions, and recognition as the eighth-best safety by a recent survey make his low Madden rating questionable.
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Bottom Line – Rating Controversy Reigns

As with previous editions of the game, Madden 24 ratings have sparked controversy among players. The case of C.J. Gardner-Johnson serves as a reminder that these ratings are not without their flaws. The discrepancy between his exceptional performance and his lower rating raises questions about the evaluation process used in determining player rankings. Ultimately, the debate surrounding Madden ratings continues, leaving players and fans alike to question the true accuracy and fairness of these virtual assessments.