Detroit Lions S C.J. Gardner-Johnson drops 1st music video

Detroit Lions S C.J. Gardner-Johnson has released his first music video. And you thought Aidan Hutchinson was the best vocal artist on the team!

C.J. Gardner-Johnson has dropped his first music video! When it comes to hidden talents, the Detroit Lions are not your average NFL team. Sure, they can tackle, catch, and run like the best of them, but did you know they also have a knack for belting out tunes? Defensive tackle Alim McNeil, known as “Dream” when he's not chasing quarterbacks, has dropped some sick beats, while wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. has a voice that can make angels weep (probably). And don't forget Aidan Hutchinson, who sings ‘Billie Jean' better than Michael Jackson ever did (Ok, that is a flat-out lie!). Now, brace yourselves, because Gardner-Johnson, is stepping onto the music scene with his first-ever music video.

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Gardner-Johnson drops 1st music video

Without further ado, we give you C.J. Gardner-Johnson's first music video!

Key Points

  • Gardner-Johnson has unleashed his musical side with the release of his debut music video.
  • Gardner-Johnson goes by the name SOG Ceedy in the music biz—remember that name, because he's about to blow your speakers!
  • The Lions' roster is stacked not only with football prowess but also with musical chops. It's a team of superstars, both on and off the field.
  • Gardner-Johnson's music video is a testament to his creativity and passion, proving that he's not just a fierce defender but also a lyrical force to be reckoned with.

Bottom Line – A Melodic Touchdown

In a world where athletes are often defined solely by their on-field achievements, C.J. Gardner-Johnson's music video release proves that there's more to these football titans than meets the eye. The Detroit Lions have created a culture that celebrates the unique talents of their players, encouraging them to explore their passions beyond the confines of the game. Gardner-Johnson's melodic touchdown not only amplifies his individuality but also enriches the team's identity, captivating fans and inspiring others to unleash their creativity without fear. It's a symphony of success that resonates far beyond the football field.