Dan Campbell explains perfect game plan for Detroit Lions to shut down Lamar Jackson

The Detroit Lions have one of the worst defenses in the NFL and on Sunday afternoon, they will have their work cut out for them when Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens invade Ford Field.

Jackson is arguably the most dynamic quarterback in the NFL as he can absolutely kill you without even having to throw the ball.

Earlier this week, Lions head coach Dan Campbell spoke to reporters and explained what I believe is the perfect game plan to shut down Lamar Jackson.

Quotes via Detroit Free Press:

“You get a little sick to your stomach,” Campbell said. “God, he’s a dynamic player. And let’s face it, he’s a dynamic player who has rare ability, rare talent.”

“I think you’ve got to play a lot of down-safety defense and you’ve got to be gapped out,” Campbell said. “I mean, truly gapped out. We know exactly where our fits are at and there’ll be times where we’ll play some split safety, but, man, that’s what we have to hone in on is, ‘Here’s your gap. Here’s your responsibility.’”

“All three of (their running backs) have done a good job,” Campbell said. “But it does start with that quarterback. He’s dynamic and I think keeping him away from the open field is (key). Let’s find a way to force him to hand this ball off, really is what you’re looking for.”

Let's face it, Jackson struggles to throw the football and if the Lions' defense wants any chance to shut him down, they will have to force him to use his arm, rather than his legs.