Dan Campbell explains why he ‘Does not want to neuter’ Jared Goff

Dan Campbell explains why he ‘Does not want to neuter’ Jared Goff. Campbell says he was 'fired up' about Goff's performance vs. Saints.

Dan Campbell explains why he ‘Does not want to neuter’ Jared Goff

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell recently opened up about quarterback Jared Goff's performance and his approach to handling the player's turnover issues. In Weeks 11 and 12, Goff struggled with turnovers, throwing three interceptions against the Chicago Bears and losing three fumbles the following week against the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving Day. However, Goff made a remarkable comeback in Week 13 against the New Orleans Saints, where he managed to avoid turnovers and threw two crucial first-quarter touchdown passes, leading to the Lions' ninth win.

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What did Dan Campbell Say?

Campbell, in his interview with 97.1 The Ticket, expressed his excitement and relief over Goff's performance. He emphasized the importance of maintaining Goff's aggressive and fearless play style while also being smart with the ball. Campbell believes in not restraining Goff’s natural playmaking ability, as it was a significant factor in the Lions' earlier success.

“I was so fired up. That's not the easiest thing, to go (through) what we talked about the last couple weeks. The trick is, man, take care of the football, be smart, pocket movement, but, man, don't take away what you are,” Dan Campbell told 97.1 The Ticket Tuesday. “You don't want to neuter the guy, because he was one of the biggest reasons we had eight wins in the first place. I thought he did that. I thought he took care of the football. He set strong in the pocket like he has, but he played fearless.”

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He praised Goff for striking a balance between cautious play and offensive leadership, particularly highlighting his decisive role in the Lions' final drive to secure the win.

“I just think that's the trick. That's the hard thing to do,” Campbell stated. “It's easy enough to dial back and say we need to take care of the football, and then you go into a shell and you're not even close to the player that you were. I thought he did a great job of that. Ultimately, that last drive, he helped win us the game.” 

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jared Goff faced turnover challenges but rebounded strongly against the Saints in Week 13.
  2. Dan Campbell praised Goff for not losing his aggressive edge while being cautious.
  3. Goff’s balance in play was crucial in clinching the Lions' ninth victory of the season.
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The Bottom Line – A Coach’s Faith in His Quarterback

Dan Campbell's comments about Jared Goff shed light on the delicate art of quarterback coaching in the NFL. Campbell's trust in Goff’s abilities and his refusal to “neuter” his quarterback’s aggressive style play a crucial role in the Lions' current success. As the team progresses through the season, Goff's performance will continue to be a focal point, underlining the importance of a quarterback who can adapt, overcome challenges, and lead the team to victories without losing their inherent playing style.