Dan Campbell weighs in on Jameson Williams’ 1st preseason game with Detroit Lions

Jameson Williams had ups and downs in his first preseason game, but Dan Campbell is encouraged.

Friday night marked a significant milestone for Jameson Williams, marking exactly 470 days since the Detroit Lions selected him in the 2022 NFL Draft. His anticipated preseason debut against the New York Giants saw him on the field quite frequently, a testament to head coach Dan Campbell's promise. Williams showcased a blend of exhilarating highs and fleeting lows during the Lions' 21-16 win over the Giants.

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Dan Campbell weighs in on Jameson Williams' first preseason game with Detroit Lions

An unfortunate dropped pass early on might have dampened Williams' spirits, but he rebounded with an awe-inspiring one-handed two-point conversion catch. Beyond his gameplay, his camaraderie was evident as he fervently celebrated Maurice Alexander's remarkable 95-yard punt return touchdown. Post-match, Campbell's perspective on Williams was both commendatory and constructive.

“That doesn’t shock me with Jamo,” said Campbell, “Jamo, man … listen, at the end of the day you could tell he gets excited for his teammates. He’s in it.” 

While he praised Williams for his spirit and camaraderie, he also emphasized Williams' need for growth and progression.

“He's got growth to do,” Campbell added. “I kind of feel like he’s starting from Square 1.”

“I feel like his approach has been really good the last seven days,” said Campbell. “He's taken a total leap. This was Step 1.” 

Campbell Did Not Expect Greatness

Campbell's expectations for Williams weren’t stats-heavy; he sought commitment, precision, and attention to detail, areas in which Williams largely delivered.

“Look,” said Campbell, “I didn’t go into this game saying Jameson needs to have 10 catches and 180 yards. That's not what I wanted. I just wanted: get lined up (in the right place), (some) urgency, route definition, detail. And, I thought for the most part, he did that. He was in it. He cut it loose.” 

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Ignore The Morons

Campbell then game the ultimate advice for Williams and his teammates.

“It’s like I tell all our guys,” said Campbell, “listen to us, listen to your teammates, listen to the coaches. Honor the tape and let’s get better. He's done that.” 

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jameson Williams debuts with highs and lows during Lions-Giants preseason match.
  2. Williams impresses with spectacular catches, while Coach Campbell sees room for growth.
  3. Campbell emphasizes commitment, precision, and continuous improvement for Williams.

Bottom Line – One Day at a Time

Navigating the treacherous waters of NFL games, especially for rookies, can be daunting. Yet, it's performances like Jameson Williams‘ that reiterate the essence of sports – it's not about the fall, but the comeback. Under the watchful eye of Coach Campbell, Williams, and indeed the entire Detroit Lions squad, are poised for a season of learning, growth, and, hopefully, unparalleled success. While stats capture the numbers, it's the spirit, resilience, and teamwork that truly encapsulate the game's essence. With players like Williams taking their first steps and leaps, the Lions' roar this season promises to be both fierce and resonant.