Jameson Williams’ 1-handed 2-point conversion grab goes viral [Video]

Here is a video of the Jameson Williams' 1-handed 2-point conversion that has since gone viral.

Jameson Williams' 1-handed 2-point conversion grab goes viral

Jameson Williams has been a member of the Detroit Lions for roughly 15 months, and due to his off-the-field issues (overblown in my opinion) and his on-the-field issues (dropping the football and missing practice), he has already become a lightning rod. With that being said, there is no question about it that Williams has a ton of talent, and he flashed a bit of it on Friday night against the New York Giants.

Jameson Williams' 1-handed 2-point conversion

Jameson Williams makes 1-handed 2-point conversion grab vs. Giants

Following an insane Maurice Alexander 95-yard punt return for a touchdown to cut the New York lead to four, the Lions called Jamo's number on a 2-point conversion, and he got the job done. Take a look as Williams only needs one hand to bring the Lions within two points of the Giants.

Why it Matters

Last week, Lions head coach Dan Campbell told reporters that Jameson Williams would get a lot of reps during the preseason games, and that is exactly what happened. Though Williams had his ups and downs in the game, it was nice to see him getting a decent amount of action.

“It’s going to be huge,” Campbell said on Wednesday morning. “It’ll be imperative. We’re going to douse him with a ton of game reps. He needs that, you know? As he does practice. And I’m telling you, as with anybody, the more reps he gets, the more time on task, the more consecutive practices and reps he can put together, he’ll just grow, I really believe that. And I do believe he wants it, I do believe he wants to get better. So, he’ll grind through this, and let’s see where we can go with it.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jameson Williams' Controversies:
    • Jameson Williams, having joined the Detroit Lions approximately 15 months ago, has been a polarizing figure due to both off-the-field issues, which some believe are exaggerated, and on-the-field issues including missed practices and dropped balls.
  2. Impressive Play against the Giants:
    • In a recent game against the New York Giants, Williams showcased his talent by making a crucial one-handed 2-point conversion grab. This followed Maurice Alexander's notable 95-yard punt return for a touchdown, narrowing the points gap with the Giants.
  3. Coach Campbell's Strategy for Williams:
    • Lions head coach Dan Campbell has emphasized the importance of game reps for Williams. He informed reporters of the intention to provide Williams with abundant reps during the preseason games. Campbell believes that increased reps and consistent practice will benefit Williams, enhancing his performance and addressing any inconsistencies.

Bottom Line: Only Time Will Tell

When you watch Jameson Williams play football, there is no doubt that he has the ability to be a HUGE offensive threat for the Lions for years to come. That being said, there have been plenty of talented players who were not able to get the job done. In my opinion, Williams will be just fine, and it is just a matter of time before he proves his haters wrong.