Detroit Lions assistant Scottie Montgomery comments on speculation

Detroit Lions assistant Scottie Montgomery comments on speculation. It kind of sounds like Montgomery has his mind made up.

Detroit Lions assistant Scottie Montgomery comments on speculation

Detroit Lions assistant coach Scottie Montgomery, a Duke University alumnus with a background in both playing and coaching, recently addressed rumors linking him to the head coach opening at Duke. Montgomery, who played at Duke and started his coaching career there, has a rich history with the university, describing it as a significant influence on his professional and personal development.

Detroit Lions assistant Scottie Montgomery

Scottie Montgomery Weighs in on Speculation

Montgomery has emphasized his preference for professional football, citing the NFL's schedule and the impact on his family life. While he didn't explicitly deny being contacted for coaching roles, he expressed a strong affinity for the NFL and, specifically, his position with the Detroit Lions. His comments come in the context of Texas A&M filling their coaching position with former Aggies defensive coordinator Mike Elko, previously the head coach at Duke.

“(Duke) kind of shaped me from a person who came from a small town in North Carolina, it gave me an ability to blossom through not only education, but meeting people that have a direct influence on my future path,” Montgomery said when asked what Duke means to him. “So a hell of a lot. I learned how to work there. I learned how to work through situations there. I learned how to not only read to understand, but I learned how to read to be able to help others to understand, and that's critical when it comes to coaching.”

“That's a question I heard may come up,” Montgomery said. “I'll tell you what, we'll approach that when it comes. I won't say whether I have or have not heard from them, but I do like professional football for a lot of reasons. I've always wanted to compete at the highest level, but you still can't say what you will or will not do until that thing comes along or doesn't come along.

“The one thing I will say is my family, and especially my children, they enjoy the fact we're in the National Football League. Our offseason is a lot different. Our time, our communication, our ability to grow as a family is different. But at the same time, there is a lot of things to the business and how it moves. So I do love the National Football League, I worked hard to get back here, so I'm really excited about being not only in the National Football League, but being right here in Detroit.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Scottie Montgomery, with deep ties to Duke, played coy regarding coaching role speculations.
  2. He emphasized his preference for the NFL over college football, citing family and professional reasons.
  3. Montgomery appreciates his time at Duke but is committed to his current role with the Detroit Lions.
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The Bottom Line – Montgomery's Loyalty to the NFL and Detroit Lions

Scottie Montgomery's recent comments shed light on the mindset of a coach deeply rooted in both the collegiate and professional realms. His journey from Duke University to the NFL, coupled with his appreciation for the professional league's structure, underscores his commitment to his current role with the Detroit Lions. While the allure of a head coaching position in college football is undeniable, Montgomery's preference for the NFL environment and its benefits to his family life paint a picture of a coach who values stability and the unique opportunities the professional league offers.

Is it possible that Duke comes calling and Montgomery takes the job? Of course, anything is possible. With that being said, it sure does sound like he is content coaching in the NFL.