Detroit Lions CB Emmanuel Moseley injured vs. Panthers 

Cause for concern: Lions CB Emmanuel Moseley injured and is questionable to return

Cause for concern: Lions CB Emmanuel Moseley injured vs. Panthers

The Detroit Lions have a firm grasp on their Week 5 matchup against the Carolina Panthers, holding a commanding 28-10 lead as they've reached halftime. Nonetheless, a significant concern has arisen as one of their key players, cornerback Emmanuel Mosley, was injured and will not be returning.

Emmanuel Moseley injured

Mosely suffered the injury

Mosley has previously endured a substantial leg injury, tearing the ACL in his left knee during his tenure with the San Francisco 49ers. This afternoon's game marked his debut as a member of the Detroit Lions.

He will not be returning to today's game

The Lions initially listed Mosley as questionable for his return to today's game, a contest in which they are firmly in control, dominating the winless Panthers.

Emmanuel Moseley injured,Detroit Lions

Unfortuantely, it wouldn't be much longer before they would confirm that he will not return.

Emmanuel Moseley injured,Detroit Lions

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions are in complete command of the game against the winless Carolina Panthers at Ford Field.
  2. However, there is cause for concern as cornerback Emmanuel Moseley, making his debut with the Lions, has sustained a knee injury and has been downgraded to out
  3. This injury is particularly troubling considering his history of a previous torn ACL in his career.

Bottom Line: Let's hope he's okay

It would indeed be disheartening to witness a player in whom the Lions have high hopes, especially one making his debut this afternoon, suffer another long-term injury akin to what he has experienced in his career before.

We can only hope that this injury proves to be not too severe, and that he can make a swift return to the field of play.