Detroit Lions cut 13 players as NFL Cut Day draws near

Detroit Lions cut 13 players as NFL Cut Day draws near: Trinity Benson was one of the casualties on Sunday afternoon.

Detroit Lions cut 13 players as NFL Cut Day draws near

On Sunday afternoon, the Detroit Lions took a significant leap towards finalizing their squad, bidding farewell to 13 of their players. Among the ones released outright were defensive lineman Christian Covington, offensive linemen Bobby Hart and Germain Ifedi, receiver Jason Moore, and running back Devine Ozigbo. Meanwhile, receivers Trinity Benson and Avery Davis, offensive linemen Obinna Eze, Alex Mollette, and Darrin Paulo, tight end Daniel Helm, safety Scott Nelson, and cornerback Colby Richardson were waived.

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What Happened With Trinity Benson?

The release that gathered the most attention was that of Trinity Benson, a swift receiver who had previously been acquired via a trade with the Denver Broncos. Prior to the start of the 2021 season, in order to ensure they didn’t lose out on him, Holmes proposed a trade, offering Denver fifth and seventh-round picks in exchange for Benson, with Detroit also receiving a sixth-round pick. Unfortunately, Benson was a rare swing and a miss for Holmes.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. In a significant pre-season move, the Detroit Lions have officially cut ties with 13 of their players. The list includes Christian Covington, Bobby Hart, Germain Ifedi, Jason Moore, Devine Ozigbo (released outright) along with Trinity Benson, Avery Davis, Obinna Eze, Daniel Helm, Alex Mollette, Scott Nelson, Darrin Paulo, and Colby Richardson (waived).
  2. Trinity Benson, acquired in a strategic trade from Denver, stands out as a surprising cut, especially considering the hopes pinned on him and the draft picks invested for his acquisition back in 2021.
  3. This roster recalibration highlights the intricacies and unpredictabilities of NFL team strategies, even involving players they've invested in, as the new season draws near.
Trinity Benson

Bottom Line: The Quest For 53

The Detroit Lions have until 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday to trim their roster down to 53 players, and by cutting 13 on Sunday, they are well on their way. There were no surprise cuts today, but it would not be surprising to see a surprise or two before the deadline passes.