Detroit Lions enter Training Camp with more Questions than Answers

The storyline of the Detroit Lions off season is that of doubt, and worry. For the most part, fans agree that there are still questions that need to be addressed within the Detroit Lions locker room. Questions surround players like Darius Slay, the second year cornerback that the Lions are hoping to bust into starting shape. Another guy who is  getting questioned a lot is Matthew Stafford. Detroit really is not quite sure what to think of their quarterback’s play the last two seasons, especially having a breakout season in 2011. Fans are getting anxious with the start of training camp. They want to see progress. Perhaps even more than some of the players. It has been a long time coming for this Detroit Lions fan base to have something to cheer about. Even so, fans are not ready to go “all-in” on the Lions from what they have seen thus far in the off season.

How big of a step forward will second-year corner Darius Slay make? He was good enough in camp as a second-round rookie last year to earn a starting job, only to quickly relinquish it with lousy play early in the season.


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Darius Slay is taking a lot of flack from national media and Detroit Lions fans alike. He is a second year cornerback, who really hasn’t got to show the world what he is capable of yet. Slay had a few struggles in his rookie campaign, but only ended up starting 4 games for the Lions. This off season, Slay has been working on his ball skills with future Hall of Fame safety, Charles Woodson. He has proven to his new defensive coordinator, Teryl Austin, that he has what it takes to tighten up this Lions’ secondary. Darius Slay is eager to prove everyone wrong, and I sure hope he does.