Detroit Lions get roped into Deshaun Watson trade to Cleveland Browns

Before you get too excited, one way or another, NO, this does not have an impact on the Detroit Lions at all.

That being said, thanks to the good eye of Jeff Risdon of Lions Wire, we now know that the Lions were indirectly involved in the trade that involved the Houston Texans trading QB Deshaun Watson to the Cleveland Browns.

As pointed out by Risdon, one of the picks the Browns are sending to the Texans is the No. 107 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

That pick once belonged to the Lions.

From Lions Wire:

That’s the pick that the Lions traded to the Browns during the draft last year. Detroit dealt the future pick to Cleveland to move up and select LB Derrick Barnes. The Lions packaged a fifth-round pick last year and the fourth-rounder in 2022 to snag the Purdue standout. Detroit also received the seventh-round pick that became RB Jermar Jefferson in the deal.

For those complaining that the Lions did not get involved in the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes, this is for you!