Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes says ‘Villain’s not going away’

Back on March 1st, Brad Holmes did an interview with Good Morning Football, and though he said some interesting things about the Detroit Lions, the most memorable part of his appearance was the hoodie that he was wearing. That hoodie, of course, had the word “Villain” printed across the front of it, and it quickly went viral, as Lions' fans everywhere wanted to get their hands on one (You can get one by scrolling down). On Monday, Holmes spoke to Lions' reporter Dannie Rodgers, and he said that “Villian's not going away.”

Brad Holmes Detroit Lions Villain

Key Points

  • Holmes wore a “Villain” hoodie during an interview with Good Morning Football on March 1st, which quickly went viral among Lions fans.
  • During an interview with Lions reporter Dannie Rodgers, Holmes said that “Villain is not going away” and that fans can expect to see more “Villain” gear in the future.
  • Holmes explained that “Villain” started in 2021 when he came up with the idea while watching a football game. The idea stuck and was embraced by the personnel department, leading to the creation of t-shirts and the viral hoodie.
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Brad Holmes says ‘Villain's not going away'

While speaking to Rodgers, Holmes was asked about the “Villain” hoodie that he wore back on March 1st, and Holmes said we can expect to see more “Villain” gear in the future.

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“Villain is not going away,” Holmes said. “Villain actually started back in 2021. It's just something that came to me, um, actually watching a football game, actually, and it just kinda, it kinda stuck. And I shared it with, you know, the coworkers and our personnel department, and next thing you knew, it was something that we kinda stood by. And we had t-shirts made, and that actually wasn't the first t-shirt, we had another t-shirt made before that. And then, but, the hoodie, you know, at the combine, I didn't know it was gonna go viral like it did, but I think it's a pretty cool reaction. But you know, you can't tell everybody everything, so, there's some stuff you gotta keep in-house, but, it's really, really cool to see the reaction, and, yeah, you'll definitely see more Villain gear, for sure.”

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