Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell weighs in on NFL taunting rule

The NFL is trying to put an end to all taunting and there have already been quite a few occasions where officials have called taunting penalties for pretty much nothing at all.

The latest of those questionable (at best) calls came during the Monday Night Football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears. That call came against Bears LB Cassius Marsh, who was penalized for taunting the Steelers sideline, even though he was quite a distance from the sideline.

On Tuesday, Lions head coach Dan Campbell joined 97.1 The Ticket's “Stoney and Jansen Show” and he shared his thoughts on the NFL's taunting rule.

“What's hard is it's kind of gone this way for a while, as far as what's been allowed. Believe it or not, just trying to break the players of it a little bit, is not as easy as you'd think,” Campbell said. “You've got to constantly harp on it. It's been a natural reaction over the last five years or so.”

Campbell added, “They told us they were going to make a point of emphasis. They certainly have. Some crews, you go in knowing that's what they do. They're looking for it and they're going to set the tone early. Man, that's life. You know what they're going to call. If they're doing it — and particularly early, they're going to call it. You got to be ready for it. That's the hand you're dealt.”

Nation, what do you think of the NFL's taunting rule and how it is being enforced?