The Detroit Lions lead the NFL in dead money

SUH 3-5

The ghost of Ndamukong Suh will be haunting the Detroit Lions even though he is no longer part of the team. Thanks mainly to the multiple restructures of Suh’s contract, the Lions will lead the NFL in dead money this coming season.

The Lions will pay out approximately $17.4 million in dead money to players that are no longer on their roster. Suh will be receiving the majority of that money at over $9.7 million, but he is not the only one that will be getting money from the team. In fact, an additional 17  former players will also get a check from the Lions this coming season.

Other players that will be receiving a big chunk of the dead money include Chris Houston ($3.9 million) and Reggie Bush ($3.56 million). Rounding out the bottom of the list is former offensive lineman Alex Bullard who will get an almost laughable $334 from the Lions.

According to, there are only five other teams in the league that have over $10 million in dead money but the Lions have far and away the highest amount. Coming in second place are the Baltimore Ravens who owe about $13.2 million.

Because of the dead money issue, the Lions have only $17.6 million in cap space heading into free agency and the NFL draft. In comparison, 19 teams in the league have more than the Lions have to spend. Let’s hope that Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand have a game plan and that they make the most out of what they have.