The Detroit Lions lost a heartbreaker to the Atlanta Falcons on a controversial call on the game’s final play. Golden Tate’s would-be game winning touchdown was called back after officials determined he was down before crossing the goal line, the clock ran out, and the game was over.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, when the team returned to the locker room, they were certainly hungry and ready to drown their sorrows in some post-game food.

Except it was on fire.

A security guard noticed the smoke coming from a food warmer outside of the locker room. An employee opened the door and flaming food immediately fell out. There were flames inside of the warmer as well. Thankfully, nothing flammable was around.

The team’s post-game meal caught fire in a moment of perfect symbolism as to how the team and fans were feeling after the controversial finish to the game.

The fire was immediately put out and there were no injuries. No word on whether or not the team sent out for some Hot ‘N Ready pizzas.