Detroit Lions Pass Rusher Bruce Irvin: ‘I’m Different’

Detroit Lions Pass Rusher Bruce Irvin: ‘I’m Different’.

Detroit Lions Pass Rusher Bruce Irvin: ‘I’m Different’

At 36, Bruce Irvin, a seasoned NFL pass rusher, stands as a testament to resilience and unwavering passion in the face of adversity. After a 4.5 sack 2022 season with the Seattle Seahawks Irvin found himself without significant interest in the initial phase of NFL free agency. Only tepid offers came his way until November when the Detroit Lions recognized his potential and signed him to their practice squad.

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What did Bruce Irvin Say?

Irvin's connection to Lions' linebackers coach Kelvin Sheppard, an old high school teammate, played a pivotal role in this transition. Set to make his debut for the Lions against the New Orleans Saints, Irvin’s presence comes at a crucial time, as the team seeks to bolster its edge presence after a series of sack-less games.

“You would think I was a cancer or something,” Irvin told the Free Press this week. “I just don’t know, bro. I played good in the playoff game. I just knew I was going to get at least a workout. Nothing.”

“They got some good stuff going on here, man,” Irvin said. “And my homie’s a coach, Kelvin Sheppard’s the position coach. So there was a lot that went into it.”

“I’m different, bro,” he said. “Thirty-six is just a number. I move like I’m 25. Once that whistle blows, I promise you they’re not going to be thinking about, ‘Oh, he’s 36 years old.’”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Seasoned Talent Joins Lions: At 36, Bruce Irvin, despite a successful season with the Seattle Seahawks, faced limited interest in free agency before signing with the Detroit Lions, indicating the challenges experienced players can face in the NFL.
  2. Irvin's Unwavering Self-Confidence: Despite his age, Irvin remains confident in his abilities and fitness, asserting that he moves “like I'm 25” and is ready to make a significant impact on the Lions' defense.
  3. Strategic Addition to Lions' Roster: Irvin's addition to the Detroit Lions comes at a critical time when the team desperately needs to strengthen its pass rush, highlighting the importance of experience and skill in bolstering team performance.
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The Bottom Line – Age Is Just a Number

Bruce Irvin’s story is one of defiance against the odds, a narrative that challenges conventional perceptions about aging athletes in high-intensity sports. As he gears up to prove his worth on the field, his journey resonates beyond the locker room – it’s a message about perseverance, skill, and the undiminished spirit of an athlete who refuses to be sidelined by age. As he steps onto the field, it’s clear that for Irvin, 36 is indeed just a number, and his performance could very well remind us all why passion and skill often outshine the ticking clock.