Detroit Lions TE Eric Ebron loves him some Eric Ebron

One thing that will never be said about Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron is that he lacks self-confidence. In fact, Ebron seems to like himself quite a bit these days. On Sunday, following a Lions 39-35 win over the Indianapolis Colts, a game in which saw him catch five balls for 46 yards and a touchdown, Ebron once again made it clear about how he feels about himself.

“We got great receivers, we got a great tight end, we got a great kicker and we just had to go out there and execute” Ebron said.

The former North Carolina Tar Heel was drafted by the Lions with the 10th pick of the 2014 draft and has been trying to earn respect ever since. When a tight end is drafted with a top 10 pick, it is expected that he become one of the best tight ends in football, but so far Ebron has left much to be desired.

Through his first two seasons, Ebron has averaged 36 catches for 392.5 yards and three touchdowns, not exactly top 10 pick worthy. There is no question about it that he has the talent to be a great receiving tight end, but consistency will be the key.

Attitude-wise, Ebron seems to get on the defensive quite easily. When asked after the game about how it felt to get back in the end zone, Ebron responded by first restating the question.

“How good does it feel to get back in the end zone?” Ebron said. “I’ll be there more times than often, so I ain’t worried about it.”

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The Lions tight end is just doing his job and that’s all he cares about.

“I’m just doing my job, man,” Ebron said. “And no one really cares for it, so it is what it is.”

(H/T to Dave Birkett – Detroit Free Press)


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