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Detroit Tigers Injury Report: Sawyer Gipson-Long included in latest update

The latest Detroit Tigers Injury Report includes a critical piece of information on pitcher Sawyer Gipson-Long.

Detroit Lions Host Blake Corum For Local Visit

Detroit Lions Host Blake Corum, who is the top running back prospect in the draft.

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Detroit Pistons’ Young Guns Lead The Way In 2022

Detroit Pistons’ Youth Showed Experience

Ryan: Yeah, it was an exciting Detroit Pistons game. You had the number one pick last year, number one pick. With Paolo Banchero, and Jesus Christ, does he look like every bit?

A number one pick should look is incredible to watch him, but it wasn’t enough. The Detroit Pistons were able to win, and I thought the most impressive part about the game was the Detroit Pistons started. I wanna say oh nine from three, The Magic had a 19 and 0 really early in the game and the Detroit Pistons were able to fight back even before they started hitting their three-pointers.

And then they got, hot for a minute. I think they were maybe 10 of their next 18 after starting off 0 of nine somewhere around there. So they ended up getting hot from three. But even before they got started to get hot. Were able to cut the lead to five and then they were able to cut it again to three and two, and then they were eventually able to take the lead and then not relinquish it really, I don’t think they were trailing.

Certainly, when the game hit the sixties they weren’t trailing late in the game. The Magic got close that they got within one, but. Overall, it was a really good game for the Detroit Pistons. Cade Cunningham, tennis assistant, made the bun and made the right play a bunch of times. Jalen Duren, youngest piston ever with the double Jaden Ivey came in and he had what, 16 points?

And for an assist, I might even be shorting them on the points there. 19. Yeah. 19. 19 points. Just a really strong effort. No, even he shot one of them. watching the whole game. I can’t figure out where his nine shots came from. Maybe it’s cuz I’m a Killian Hayes fan and when he missed I just, blocked it outta my mind.

But I thought overall, I still thought he played pretty well. When the Detroit Pistons were in their midst of, oh, for nine, shooting from three, there were two or three times where Killian hit somebody right in the corner, and they, they’re wide open and the shot just didn’t fall. But I think even he himself probably had close.

I don’t know, maybe five assists, but there were some plays that he can get better at. Overall though really good Isaiah Stewart hitting the final three, the dagger three after being oh three from three, and then having the confidence to take that one in the corner, which is something the Detroit Pistons have been stressing to him, is to get more comfortable with that three-point shot. And then we saw paid dividends here in game one. 

Matt: Yeah, outside of the horrible. I couldn’t have asked for anything more for an NBA debut of Ivey and Duren. 19 points for Ivey, 14 and 11 rebounds for Duren, and then Bojan Bogdanovic’s Detroit Pistons’ debut dropping 24 points on 50%, shooting, eight for 16, six for 10 from deep, and also showing.

A little bit of tenacity. is doing a little bit of trash-talking. He was giving advice in the huddle, showing a little bit of leadership to the young guys. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Obviously. 

We had talked about, the Detroit Pistons trying to work a way to get more open, easier deep shots for the offense, and obviously at the very end of the game, Cade Cunningham, making the right play, making the right assist, beef stew, hitting the three to take the lead or to keep the lead for.

And it was everything you could ask for as a Detroit Pistons fan, and this is what. I want to see going forward for these Detroit Pistons winning Most of the winnable games, look, they’re not gonna be sitting there fighting with the Celtics, the Warriors, the Bucks, and all these other teams, but when they’re playing teams like the Magic and the Rockets and the Pacers, they need to win most of those games.

That’s what I wanna see as far as the Detroit Pistons going forward, winning most of their winnable games if they have an over 500 record for their winnable games. That’s an improvement in my mind for this young Detroit Pistons team. 

Ryan: Yeah. I need to beat the Knicks too, who they play night, to try and start out too and out as the Red Wings did. But, it was good, the Detroit Pistons were favored by three. They ended up winning, and I actually think Orlando is still a better team than the Detroit Pistons. I think they’ll finish with a better record. 

So I actually didn’t think the Detroit Pistons were going to win the game. And then of course they surprised me. But yeah, everything you said, you can’t really ask for more from an opening. When all the guys that we wanted to see play well out outside of Killian, were really into shooting. 

Didn’t, or they all did play well. Even Saddiq, even when the Detroit Pistons were in the, like the 19 zero run no, he was the guy that was kinda giving them buckets after that to stop the lead from ballooning, up to 16, 18 points, whatever it was.

He was still able to keep them afloat in that, in that stretch. And it’s just gonna be important for these different guys to take the offensive load because everybody’s gonna. On an off night, what you wanna see from the Detroit Pistons is to have anybody be able to step up, right?

Jalen Duren probably not gonna be able to create his own offense a lot of the time. But if he can rebound, if he can rim run the pick and roll with Killian, which I thought they did a really good job of. And then, Saddiq, if Cade’s having an off night if he can go off for if Saddiq’s having an off night, he can have some of that scoring load.

That’s what I think we wanna see from the Detroit Pistons is all these young guys who probably feel like they have to. Some sort of a leader or shoulders some sort of a burden offensively and defensively we just want them to be able to, answer the bell when their time is called. Yeah.

Matt: Let me defend Killian a little bit here cause I know you’re a fan of his. I’m a fan of his as well and I keep watching and I keep thinking about comparing him and I think what would make Killian work out perfectly. The Detroit Pistons are to eventually become, but at least for the time being a poor man’s version of Marcus Smart and be that guy that settles the team down defensively.

And he did that. He had three steals. He had a block, he had five assists. Yeah, Bad shooting night, one for nine. But if he can. If he can settle the team down defensively. And he was aggressive too, which I like to see when he was driving to the wreck. There were some shots there that he definitely got fouled on I thought.

And they didn’t blow the whistle. But if he can settle the team down defensively, he’s gonna be doing a lot for this team going forward. And Marcus Smart. Before he got the payday and then started thinking he was a three-point shooter, that’s what he was the guy that settled the team down defensively and dished out.

And then he blew up last year and really went out with the assist. I’d love to see that from Killian eventually as well. It’s been what, nine, 10 years for Marcus Smart to do it. I’d love to see Killian do it in about four, but I did see some good things outta Killian and we knew he was gonna be struggling for scoring in the first place.

But Marcus Smart is more than nine, or 10 years at this point, probably. Huh? No, I’m getting old, man. I’m not Marcus Smart. Been in the league for a minute, man. 

Ryan: Yeah, not bet. 

Matt: 10 years. Absolutely. I’ll bet you. I’ll bet you. It’s at least. I’ll bet you it’s at least eight. 

Ryan: This is his ninth. 

Matt: There you go. So I’m one year off. You give me a side-eye. Anyway, Killian does that. I keep doing that. I’m gonna be fine with him. And then what I loved about Jalen is that he did everything I wanted Andre Drummond to do. In game one. 

Every putback was a hard, angry, evil dunk. It wasn’t a little floater shot of tip to myself and then doing something with, No, I’m coming in hot. I’m coming in angry, and I’m throwing this ball and trying to break the rim every time. I loved it. 

Ryan: Yeah. I’m Jalen Duren’s prime Dwight Howard at this point, he is. You couldn’t have asked for a better start for him, even with Jaden Ivey we thought he’d be a big part of the offense going forward, but Jalen Duren, him being so young, the youngest player in the NBA I like, even me, I thought he’s gonna need some time.

If he could even start it like with the Motor City Cruise, that’d probably help his development, but, we obviously had some trades in some injuries. Bagleys hurt. We traded away Kelly Olynyk and then Jalen Duren was just thrust into the starting lineup, but he played well in pre-season.

He led the NBA in rebounding during the pre-season, and obviously, he played well on opening night. So maybe this is a guy that’s just already ready to be a rotational piece in the NBA, which. Amazing. Considering that is absolutely not what we thought we were, getting with that pick, even, I think the biggest Jalen Duren fans didn’t expect an immediate contribution of this magnitude right away.

But even just seeing them after one game. The rebounding is incredible. He gets so high off the ground when he jumps and I told you guys in the chat, I think this guy’s gonna be in the likes of, Ben Wallace, Andre Drummond, and Dennis Rodman and level rebounder in Detroit. I really think he’s gonna be that good.

It’s, it was amazing watching him and it seemed like nobody, In the game could compete with him on the glass and somebody might have ended up with more rebounds. I don’t have the box score in front of me, but when Jalen Duren was on the court, I bet nobody out, outrebounded him. 

It was. It was absolutely insane to watch and the Detroit Pistons were in a situation two years ago when they had Isaiah Stewart and Saddiq Bey, where they had two members of the all-Rookie Bey First Team, and then Stewart’s second team. And it certainly looks like that could be the case this year even, maybe both end up making all First State.

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Detroit Tigers Injury Report: Sawyer Gipson-Long included in latest update

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