Detroit Pistons Killian Hayes & Magic Players Suspended After Scuffle: An Update

The NBA has announced game suspensions for players involved in a scuffle between the Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic. Eight Orlando Magic players were also suspended for leaving the bench during the altercation.

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Detroit Pistons,Killian Hayes
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Killian Hayes Suspension

Eric Vincent: What's good? Detroit Sports Nation. I am Eric Vincent, your host here at the DSN News Desk. Thank you for being here. We appreciate your time and support, and I've been waiting for this update to come from the NBA and we finally got an update after the scuffle with the Orlando Magic.

The Detroit Pistons and the Orlando Magic Suspensions have been labeled enlisted by the NBA, and they're what I expected them to be. Killian Hayes has been the headline of conversation since yesterday's game. He is scheduled to face a three-game suspension after punching Mo Wagner in the back of the head during their little scuffle, I think it was the first half of this game between the Magic.

And I'm not surprised by what the results were. Actually, let's go through the list of all the players that were suspended. So Killian Hayes is facing three games. Mo Wagner is facing a two-game. suspension Hamidou Diallo is suspended for one game after pushing Mo Wagner on the sideline.

Then there are eight Orlando Magic players that were suspended for one game each. Cole Anthony, Mo Bamba, Wendell Carter Jr., RJ Hampton, Gary Harris, Kevon Harris, Franz Wagner, and Admiral Schofield are all suspended for one game each after leaving the bench during the scuffle. Now the NBA rule is if there is any kind of altercation between players.

If you're on the bench, you are not allowed to leave the bench. That is an automatic suspension. If you leave. After what happened with the malice at the palace, the NBA doesn't wanna risk anything close to that again. So that's why these kinds of rules are set in place. And I think they got it right with this one.

Like a lot of people, I saw you guys in the comments after we recapped the game yesterday talking about what we thought the suspensions would be. I didn't think it would be anything higher than maybe two to five games. I think they did right with everybody. I think they did right with Wagner. I think they did right with Killian Hayes. Hamidou.

I don't really think he deserved to be suspended, but after pushing him, I get it. And I think the league got it right. This was not something that warranted a season-long suspension. We saw Orlando Magic fans on social media calling for Killian Hayes to face assault charges. Like none of that was gonna happen.

None of that was finna be the case. And I'm not surprised at all with what the league has done. It was getting to the point where these players were getting really chippy throughout the game. Like we saw a lot of trash-talking. Videos have been surveyed now since the game yesterday. That Beef Stew, Paolo Banchero, were talking trash back and forth.

And it was a lot of chippiness going on in this game. So I can't sit here and say I'm surprised. I think the league did the right thing by not overreacting and going too far with the suspensions. I think this was suitable. It's a little unfortunate for Killian Hayes. It's only a few games.

detroit pistons killian hayes

Three games are not going to, hopefully not going to shake his rhythm. He's done a pretty, fairly good job of staying on the court in terms of health, which has been a problem for him throughout his career and as of now. This three-game suspension. I don't think we'll be able to knock off any rust. I think he'll be able to pick up right where he left off.

I think he gained a lot of support from his team, from the teammates on the bench, from Troy Weaver who came down from up top to talk and make sure everything was everything. I think Killian Hayes, without question, earned a lot of love from the fan base of Detroit Pistons. And if anything, we need to set up a go fund for him. 

Whatever the suspension and the fine is, we'll help chip in and do what we can to help out Killian Hayes man. Because this is something that he shouldn't be ashamed about. I don't think this is anything that Piston fans should be ashamed about. This was him standing up for himself. Like I said yesterday, I don't condone fighting and I don't condone violence.

But, I condone standing up for yourself. And if you're chasing a loose ball, and Mo Wagner basically checks you into the sidelines to fall, into the seats, fall into the bench, fall into your teammates where he could have hurt himself even worse than what he did. Mo Waner had this coming, and I don't feel bad for him in any way, shape or form.

Honestly, I think he should have gotten the higher of the suspensions. If I were Adam Silver, I would've given Mo Wagner three games given Killian Hayes two, and then one for Hamidou, and then the rest of the suspensions for the Magic would've served as is. Because I believe in addressing the issue from how it started. And it didn't start with Killian Hayes, just thugging and hitting him in the back of the head for no reason.

It started because Mo Wagner put his hands on him and pushed Killian for no legitimate reason. The ball was rolling out of bounds. If you touched the ball in an over and back, the play would've been dead and it would've been a rap from there. So there was no point in him even running side by side with Killian, let alone pushing him into his bench where his teammates were.

There was no necessity for that whatsoever. So for me, I would've given Wagner three games, at least, maybe even five, because he had been getting chippy the whole game, talking trash, trying to be a tough guy until Jalen Duren checked him. But for me, I'd given him at least three games for being the initiator of the problem.

He didn't make it any better. He deserved the smoke that happened to him. And I don't feel bad, but for now, I believe the league did the right thing. So we gonna try to set up that, go fund me for Killian Hayes, cover up as much as we can to help him out. Because he deserves this man. And on top of that, I might even try to, stretch out, get me a 10-day contract with the Magic.

Because they're down nine players because of this altercation. It's Paolo Banchero, Bol Bol, and who else on that team that's gonna be playing? So if you got any kind of hoop experience, you try to get a 10-day contract in the league, now is the time to dust off your Nikes and try to get that contract.

It's set in the Orlando Magic. But again, I'm not surprised by how this unrolled. I think the league did a good job and I'm still proud of killing Hayes for what happened. Talk to me in the comment section. I'd love to hear your feedback. Do you think these suspensions are from the top down? Do you think it was fair how the league handled it?

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I'll be back again here soon with another update right here for the DSN News Desk. Peace.

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