Andrew Copp and Dylan Larkin will boost team chemistry

The Detroit Red Wings need to capitalize on the connection between Andrew Copp and Dylan Larkin who are both former Wolverines.

The Detroit Red Wings made several moves this offseason, but one of the better decisions that they made was to bring in Andrew Copp on a multi-year contract. He was given a five-year deal to join the Red Wings, bringing with him an immediate connection to Hockeytown.

The Detroit Red Wings beefed up their forward group with Copp, knowing that he and the team's captain grew up together. Copp, an Ann Arbor native, played his college hockey with the University of Michigan before getting selected by the Winnipeg Jets.

Copp and Dylan Larkin played together at Michigan, where Copp was the team's captain above the Red Wings captain. A bit confusing to follow. But now, the roles are reversed with Larkin in the captaincy position and Copp looking to provide some offense for the Red Wings.

The Red Wings should see what their chemistry can bring to the team in 2022-23. The two of them will pair well together. Why not see what the two can do together on a line?

Detroit Red Wings should capitalize on the connection with Andrew Copp and Dylan Larkin.

While Copp was brought in on a long-term contract to bolster the crop of forwards, he's slated to be more of a centerman who anchors the team's second line, but there has to be some intrigue that he could be a playmaker alongside Larkin if the two get ice-time together.

One thing is certain; they will be playing alongside one another on the power-play unit, looking to get some of that chemistry going early to be a much better unit than they have in the past. So Copp playing alongside Larkin might be a tall ask with the Red Wings' current roster make-up.

But their chemistry should be a nice added boost to the Red Wings overall. If the Red Wings were to get bold and make a move, things could change. While the trade rumors around Tyler Bertuzzi have been flying around for a while, he could be flipped to make room for Copp on the first line, bringing in a center for the team's second line.

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It's another possibility that would bring Copp and Larkin together, but time will tell. One thing is certain; the Red Wings made a great addition with Copp. The connection with Copp and Larkin is a nice bonus on top of the victorious offseason that Yzerman has had.

As Derek Lalonde works through some of his new line combinations and things he is going to try out, mixing in some ice time with Copp and Larkin playing together is something that needs to happen. Come puck drop on Opening night, it may be more unlikely,  but it's something the Red Wings need to consider.

At a minimum, the connection should add to team chemistry and allow the Red Wings to make the most of their new additions.