Does Gary Bettman Hate The Detroit Red Wings?

The Detroit Red Wings didn’t lose spots in the NHL Draft Lottery, as they have in the past, but their bad luck seems suspicious. A.J. and Matt simply wonder if there might be something to this “bad luck” and maybe Gary Bettman just hates the Red Wings?

Gary Bettman Once Again Proves He Hates Detroit

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NHL Draft Lottery

Matt Bassin: Why does Gary Bettman hate the Detroit Red Wings? It’s not all doom and gloom. I guess it is mostly all doom and gloom. The NHL draft lottery happened. And the good news is our Red Wings didn’t drop further down in the draft order. They’ve finished off right about where they were expecting to come in. They came in with the eighth-best odds and they walked away with the number eight pick, which was the most likely pick they were going.

This is the sixth time consecutively for the Wings that they will be drafting in the top 10. Last year they were sixth and they held form there. The year before they had the worst record, but they dropped from what should have been the first pick to the fourth pick. So at least we didn’t do that this year, but we still got a pretty good one, Lucas Raymond out of it. 

19, we dropped from fourth to sixth. Again, at least we didn’t drop this year. In 18, we dropped from fifth to sixth. And in 17, we dropped from seventh to ninth. So at least we stayed put this time and didn’t fall further back in the draft order. 

And there is a lot of talent to go and get in that top-eight pick. There are some great guys over in Europe. There are some great guys been playing here, stateside, as well as in Canada that we can be looking at. 

Top Of My Draft Picks

I know our WG Brady released a piece on who he would like to go after. A few of those names are on my list as well. I think he’s reaching on some of those names. Because I think they’re going to be gone by the eighth pick.

I think he’s helpful. Look, again, especially guys like Shane Wright, who’s probably going to be the first pick in the draft so most likely we’re not going to get him. There are some big names out there, but there are some guys that are worth getting later, in the seven or eight position that I think can really help our Red Wings. 

Top of my list is a David Jiricek defenseman, 6’3”, 195 pounds. He’s an absolute beast, but he had knee surgery earlier this season. So he’s one of those guys that might tumble the draft. You never know how they’re going to look at guys like that.

But there’s a lot of talent for the Red Wings to look out for. Like I said, both in Europe, as well as stateside. Cutter Gauthier was born in Sweden, but his father, playing over here, he played in Michigan for a while, physical player again, 6’3, 190 pounds.

Does Gary Bettman Hate The Detroit Red Wings?

Big dude. Real big for hockey. Generally, you don’t find too many guys that are over six feet. Brad Lambert, there was a legacy. Lane Lambert is a highly respected assistant coach now with the Islanders and he played with Steve Yzerman here in Detroit.

Brad Lambert has that skill. He has that ability to make a jump into the top 10 and be right around where we can be picking in that A-spot. And Jimmy Snuggerud, which I mean, how badly do you want to have a hockey sweater with Snuggerud on the back of it?

I can’t wait to hear the announcer saying his name every time he scores a goal. He’s a son of a former NHL player as well. David Snuggerud is a smart player. Has 25 points and 24 games this season, he’s got a quick shot released, not timid, going to the University of Minnesota.

So maybe we steal away from there. Another big dude, 6’2”, 190. There’s talent to be had at that eighth pick. And I think Steve Yzerman is going to do his due diligence and get us one. 

A.J. Reilly: Yeah, I think so too. In Yzerman we trust, that’s the mantra of all Red Wings fans at this point, but how unlucky are the Detroit Red Wings over these last stretch of years?

I was reading a stat that they’ve lost eight spots in the draft lottery over the last few years, which is the most, all-time. And I don’t know if it’s Detroit’s bad luck. 

Matt Bassin: No, it’s Gary Bettman hating Detroit 

A.J. Reilly: That’s what I’m wondering. Again, why does Bettman hate Detroit? Something’s gotta be up with that. There’s gotta be some kind of conspiracy theory going on saying, oh, Yzerman went back to his hometown? He’s not going to get the first overall pick. But at the same time, your system is broken. If a team’s losing that many spots over that many consecutive years unless it’s on purpose.

Matt Bassin: Unless it’s on purpose. 85 draft the frozen envelope, making sure the Knick’s got the first pick and got Patrick Ewing. They’re doing the same thing to the Red Wings. They just know when they feel that cold, don’t draw it yet. That one’s cold, don’t draw it yet. 

A.J. Reilly: Exactly my thought, man, I almost texted you today. We should do something on the ‘85 NBA draft, but I was like, nah. That’s for another time, because holy cow, is that a conspiracy that lives in, maybe we’re living in the midst of another conspiracy with the Detroit Red Wings. I’m just going to throw that out there. Maybe.

Matt Bassin: Maybe you don’t need to know. Go look at the 2009 Stanley Cup finals. I don’t need to see anything else but I know Gary Bettman has a beef to pick with the Detroit Red Wings. I don’t know if it’s all the winning that we did in the nineties and the two-thousands, but by the time 2009 ran around and Detroit was trying to defend their Stanley Cup against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Gary Bettman had enough. He needed HIS Michael Jordan to win himself a cup. That would be Sidney Crosby, and he made damn sure he did everything in his power, including allowing the Penguins to have an extra man on the ice for 21 seconds. 

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Written by Amy Price

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