DT Tyrunn Walker says the Lions defensive line will be ‘Awesome’

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Ndamukong Suh, gone.

Nick Fairley, we barely got to know you.

There is no question about it, the Detroit Lions defensive line will have a new look to it in 2015.

When Suh made the decision to leave Detroit high and dry and accept a huge contract with the Miami Dolphins, he also forced Lions general manager Martin Mayhew to make some important decisions.

Mayhew immediately went out and acquired five-time All-Pro defensive tackle Haloti Ngata to fill in for Suh, but that alone is not enough.

The Lions made the decision they would not be re-signing Nick Fairley which meant they would be losing at least two of their defensive tackles.

Enter former New Orleans Saints defensive tackle, Tyrunn Walker. Wait, you haven’t heard of him before? Don’t feel bad, Walker is not exactly a household name.

Not yet at least.

Walker will join Ngata as new members of the Lions defensive line and he is very excited to do so. He spoke to the media at the Taste of the Lions event at Ford Field about his new situation and about the defensive line.

“It’s going to be great,” Walker said. “We’re going to be awesome. I have a good vibe about the group. We have a good coach, a good head coach, great ownership. So I feel great about the move I made.”

Those are some pretty strong words considering neither Walker nor Ngata has played even a down together with the Lions, but you have to love his confidence.

If the Lions defensive line can, in fact, be, “Awesome,” like Walker is predicting, the team could be in for quite a season.

Dare I say, Division………

Never mind, let’s hold off on that for a bit.