Idiot ESPN student reporter suggests FSU gunman going after Jameis Winston

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Last night I made a wise crack at ESPN’s expense after their verified College Football Twitter account reported a breaking news story of Oregon QB Marcus Mariotta getting a speeding ticket last weekend. Seriously? This is breaking news? I suggested that maybe I’ll start a weekly blog of all the stupid crap ESPN says or does on a weekly basis. I would never run out of writing material. Ever.

Just a matter of hours later, a horrific situation occurred on the campus of Florida State University. A gunman had made his way into the student library and shot 3 people. Lo and behold, an ESPNU student reporter, Marisa Martin, made a joke of the terrifying situation, suggesting that the gunman was possibly going after much-troubled FSU QB Jameis Winston.


Before you knew it, Martin, a student at the University of Alabama, was a trending topic nationwide on Twitter. She immediately deleted the tweet and deleted her account all together. THEN, she had the audacity to suggest that her account had been hacked. What a joke.

Now, these student reporters aren’t actually paid by ESPN. They’re considered interns. Regardless, this chick might want to find a new major. STOP DOING STUPID STUFF, ESPN!!