ESPN Projects where Bronny James will be selected in 2024 NBA Draft

Find out where the experts think Bronny James will be selected in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Where will Bronny James, son of basketball legend LeBron James, be selected in the 2024 NBA Draft? The excitement of the 2023 NBA Draft has settled, with top talents finding their new NBA homes. However, thoughts and speculation have already turned to the 2024 NBA Draft, where Bronny is expected to be selected at some point. According to ESPN, he will be selected in the mid-first round.

Bronny James 2024 NBA Draft

ESPN Projects where Bronny James will be selected

While it may not have the same level of elite prospects as its predecessor, one question stands out: Where will Bronny be selected? ESPN's projections indicate that Bronny will likely be a mid-first-round pick. According to the renowned sports network, the Atlanta Hawks are projected to select him with the 17th overall pick.

Key Points

  • ESPN projects Bronny to be chosen in the mid-first round of the draft.
  • The Atlanta Hawks are predicted to select Bronny with the 17th overall pick.

Bottom Line – A Glimpse into Bronny's Future

The projections surrounding Bronny's potential selection in the 2024 Draft have generated significant buzz and speculation. ESPN's forecast of him becoming a mid-first-round pick, specifically by the Atlanta Hawks with the 17th overall selection, presents an intriguing narrative for basketball fans to follow. As the son of LeBron James, Bronny carries the weight of expectations and comparisons, but he also possesses his own unique skill set and potential. If he realizes his projected draft position, it will be an exciting milestone in his journey toward making a name for himself in the NBA.


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