Everything Detroit Red Wings Gm Steve Yzerman Said At Pre-2023 NHL Draft Presser

The Detroit Red Wings Executive VP and GM Steve Yzerman addressed the media yesterday morning about the offseason and the NHL Draft. Here's what he had to say.

Just a few moments ago Detroit Red Wings Executive Vice President and General Manager Steve Yzerman addressed the media for his Pre-NHL Draft Media Availability. Yzerman and the Red Wings have a busy few weeks coming up as they are preparing for the NHL Draft which begins next Wednesday and also Free Agency which begins July 1st.

What Did Steve Yzerman Say?

One of the first questions Yzerman got was about his plans for his draft picks early in the draft to which Yzerman said that he doesn’t anticipate moving the ninth pick and plans to use the 17th pick. The three picks in the second round could be trade options. Yzerman said he won’t be looking at a specific position when it comes to their pick at nine and he is planning to draft the best available prospect.

Yzerman was also asked what his goal with his draft picks are, to which Yzerman said

“Trying to build a nucleus of young players that’s going to be the core of the team for the future. We have to feel that the player we are acquiring would be a part of that core for a long period of time” Yzerman also stated that the core begins with Dylan Larkin.

Steve Yzerman Detroit Red Wings

Daniella Bruce asked Yzerman what he needed to complete the “core” of the team. Yzerman’s response was that he needs to add depth to his current core to build a Stanley Cup-caliber team. Added that the core could change as the offseason progresses and that the Red Wings still have work to do.

Yzerman was asked about the idea of trading within the division which might stem from the possibility of acquiring Alex DeBrincat and Yzerman said it's all about just making the best deal possible for the Red Wings (even if it means sleepless nights)

Yzerman was also asked about the progress of Marco Kasper, Simon Edvinsson, and Jake Walman who are all dealing with injuries from last season and Yzerman said that they have had no setbacks and are all rehabbing well and should be ready for training camp.

Steve Yzerman Detroit Red Wings GM

Key Points:

  • Steve Yzerman addressed the media for a Pre-NHL Draft Press Conference.
  • The NHL Draft is next Wednesday
  • NHL Free Agency begins July 1st

Bottom Line for Steve Yzerman and Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings have seen progress over the last few years in their rebuilding process even recording their most points last season since 2015-16 which is the last time they made the playoffs. That success has come with the help of Yzerman and the team he has built around him for scouting talent and this offseason they will continue to put the pieces in place that will make the Red Wings a force again. The goal isn't to build a team that will make the playoffs one year and miss them the following season, it's about having a team that will make the playoffs every season.


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