Ex-Detroit hack writer pens open letter to bash Detroit Lions fans rooting for Matthew Stafford

You knew it was coming and you knew exactly who it would come from.

That's right folks, ex-Detroit hack writer Rob Parker (You probably stopped reading already) thought it would be a good idea to drop an open letter on Deadspin in which he rips Detroit Lions fans who are rooting for Matthew Stafford to win the Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams.

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Here are a few of the lowlights from Parker's open letter:

Shame on you, Detroit.


Still, this city shouldn’t lose its pride or self respect to hero-worship a player that didn’t produce in Motown. And worse, wanted out and gave up on the organization and city that pulled for him for 12 seasons.

Matthew Stafford — who, remember, wanted a trade — doesn’t deserve the golden treatment many Detroit sports fans have thrown his way since the Los Angeles Rams beat the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game to clinch a spot in the Super Bowl in L.A. on Feb. 13.

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So-called Detroit fans celebrated as if the Lions were going to the Super Bowl.


For sure, it’s been a sad, pathetic party.

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There’s no reason why you Detroiters have to stoop this low and act as if this city has never won anything.


Still, celebrating Stafford because he joined a loaded team in Los Angeles is weak. Many of you are giving him all the credit for getting the Rams there.

It’s total BS, nonsense.


Instead of making up a false narrative, wiping away all blame from Stafford and his time in Detroit, fans should be pissed at Stafford when they look at Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals.


There’s only one hope for phony Detroit fans rooting for Stafford and the Rams: Stafford loses two Sundays from now. It would be fitting if it came with a signature interception by Stafford to seal the deal for Cincy.

It would serve you turncoats right. Detroiters should only root for Detroit teams and players. Period.

Guess what, Rob? When you were here, Detroiters did not like you. Now that you are gone (Thank God) they like you even less.

Detroit does not claim you, so leave us alone.



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  1. I read this article you’re referencing by Rob Parker tonight and I found myself in a constant, exaggerated eye roll. What is Rob suggesting here? We should bleed Honolulu Blue and Silver for Schwartz ( I admit I actually did enjoy his fire a bit ) Caldwell ( great record against non-playoff teams ) and Patricia instead of Stafford? To the Ford family? To a particular GM? To the city of Detroit? What in particular makes one a Lions fan?

    I have been a Lions fan for 43 years ( my Dad was born in 57, the last time they won a championship before the Super Bowl was even a thing ) and when I think back I think of guys like Spielman, Sanders, Blades, Moore, Perriman, Gray, Hanson, Schlesinger, Tate, Calvin, Suh, and yes OF COURSE Stafford makes the list for sure. So when I see a quarterback that owes Detroit literally _nothing_, go to a team like the Rams, I find myself vicariously enjoying his success. Does that make me a Rams fan? No. Does that make me a non-Lions fan? No, not at all. Very obviously and of course not.

    It just makes me a fan of the players that have been great that came through Detroit. If the Rams are facing the Lions I want the Lions to win 64 – 0. If the Lions are out of the equation — like they are now — I’m going to be excited for Stafford in the most bitter sweet way a Lions fan can possibly be.

    If the Rams win the Super Bowl I won’t jump up and down and streak through the neighborhood like it was a Lions Super Bowl but I will high five my dad and give the strong, smiling head nod to Stafford, “Good for you man. Good for you.”

  2. Rob Parker I give less than a damn what you think of My Choice To PROUDLY Root and PRAY Stafford gets his WIN!!! obviously you weren’t an athlete with your poor display of sportsmanship, Iam and will always be a Detroit Lions Fan, #9 in the 56th SB, i rooted for him for 12 yrs, he can throw that rock, and I feel I Deserve to Share In this Journey, it come Full Circle!! Lions not in SB 56, in the near future we will be, so go on with your miserable mean self you’ll probably be watching Matt get his Shouting Out Detroit Lions Fan by yourself!!

  3. Based on Rob Parker’s own logic of not being to or following anybody that leaves Detroit, he had deemed himself irrelevant. Adios & good riddance!

  4. Based on Rob Parker’s own logic of not being loyal to or following anybody that leaves Detroit, he had deemed himself irrelevant. Adios & good riddance!

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