Fans with urge to see Matthew Stafford play for the Los Angeles Rams will have to wait

Fans who have been looking forward to seeing Matthew Stafford suit up and play for the Los Angeles Rams are going to have to be patient.

On Friday, Rams head coach Sean McVay joined The Doug Gottlieb Show and he said there is no chance that Stafford will play in a preseason game.

“There is zero chance you will ever see Matthew Stafford take a snap in the preseason for the Rams as long as I’m the coach. That will never happen,” head coach Sean McVay said on “The Doug Gottlieb Show.”

He added: “Until you tell me that if a guy gets hurt in the preseason that we’ll get those games back or they’ll add them on the schedule afterwards as, ‘Oh yeah, you get two games because you lost those guys in the preseason,’ it’s hard for me to make sense of it.”

The Rams already dodged one bullet with Stafford as he was forced to leave practice after hitting his thumb on his teammates’ helmet.

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