FedEx requests Washington Redskins to change their name

Could the Washington Redskins, who have existed since 1933, soon have a new team name?

FedEx Corporation, who owns the rights to FedEx Field, has officially requested that the team change their team name.

Washington Redskins

So far, the team has yet to respond to the request.

The team changed their name from the Boston Braves to the Redskins before moving to the Washington D.C. area in 1937.

Last week, one of the largest Native American groups declared the team name was offensive and needed a change.

“I am calling for members of the NFL franchise in Washington, DC, to rise to the occasion and become heroes. All I ask is that you state the unequivocal moral truth: just as you would never play for the Washington [insert any other racial slur], you will no longer play for any team branded with a racial slur against Native Americans,” said Fawn Sharp, president of the National Congress of American Indians.

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