Former Detroit Lions GM Matt Millen shares amazing Charles Rogers story

On Monday morning, some very sad news broke that former Michigan State and Detroit Lions wide receiver Charles Rogers died at the age of 38.

Former Lions GM Matt Millen has shared his thoughts about Rogers and he says he will remember him differently than everybody else.

From Detroit Free Press:

“How I will remember him is different than how everybody else will remember him,” Millen said. “How I’ll remember him is a great kid with a good heart with a lot of skills, that mismanaged some things.”

Millen went on to share a cool story which shows how big of a heart Rogers had.

“He bought this brand new car, it was like a truck,” Millen said. “And he just went to dinner downtown and when he came back to get it, he parked it with the attendant, and went downtown, went in, had a meal, went back out, the car is gone. And they can’t find it.

“The (valet driver) comes down, comes out, parks the car, breaks down and, ‘Charles, man, it was such a nice ride I just had to take it. I took it for a spin in the neighborhood, and somebody’ — I can’t remember if somebody threw a brick at it or somebody damaged it. And he came back and the guy was going to fire him on the spot and Charles says, ‘No, (don’t do it).’ Charles said, ‘It’s OK, we’ll take care of all that. But the kid doesn’t lose his job. I understand.’ So that was Charles. Charles just had a good heart, he had a good understanding. He got it, and he didn’t want to take away a job from some guy who’s probably struggling and just wanted to ride a car. That was Charles. That’s how I always remember him.”

Charles Rogers may be labeled as a draft bust but he clearly had a big heart and that is more important than football.


Written by Arnold Powell


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