Insider includes Detroit Tigers as MLB Trade Deadline ‘Losers’

On MLB insider says Detroit Tigers president of baseball operations Scott Harris just "put a severe pothole on the road to rebuild in the Motor City."

The much-anticipated MLB Trade Deadline passed, leaving the Detroit Tigers licking their wounds. Despite widespread predictions, the Tigers starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez invoked his no-trade clause, preventing a promising deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Though Scott Harris, the Tigers' president of baseball operations, successfully traded pitcher Michael Lorenzen to the Philadelphia Phillies, Esteemed sports journalist, Bob Nightingale labeled the Tigers as the “Losers” of the 2023 MLB Trade Deadline.

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Insider includes Detroit Tigers as MLB Trade Deadline ‘Losers'

Nightingale criticizes the Tigers' strategy, hinting that they should have confirmed Rodriguez's willingness to move before setting up a deal. Rodriguez, who planned to opt out of the final three years and $49 million of his contract, didn't wish to relocate his family to Southern California, leading to the deal's downfall. This unfortunate incident has placed a stumbling block on the Tigers' road to rebuild, painting them as the “Losers” of the trade deadline.

Here is what Nightingale wrote on Tuesday night:

Rule No. 1 in trading: If your player has a no-trade clause, and can reject a trade to 10 teams, it might be wise to check make sure he really wants to go.

The Tigers had a nice deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers, getting some of their prized prospects for starter Eduardo Rodriguez.

The deal was agreed upon. Everything was set.

They made the phone call to inform Rodriguez. And he declined.

Sorry, nothing personal, but he doesn’t want to go all of the way to Southern California with his family back East.

“There were some contractual headwinds,” Tigers GM Scott Harris said, “that influenced his market.’’

So instead of getting just something for him, the Tigers were left stuck with him, knowing he plans to opt out of the final three years, $49 million in his contract.

It put a severe pothole on the road to rebuild in the Motor City.

Key Points

  • Eduardo Rodriguez remained with the Tigers, invoking his no-trade clause and blocking a prospective deal with the Dodgers.
  • The Tigers successfully traded Michael Lorenzen to the Phillies.
  • Rodriguez's decision to opt out of his contract places a roadblock on the Tigers' rebuilding efforts.

Bottom Line – A Curveball in the Detroit Tigers' Game Plan

In the end, the 2023 MLB Trade Deadline ended up being a missed opportunity for the Detroit Tigers. The no-trade clause invoked by Eduardo Rodriguez could be a lesson for the management to consider players' personal preferences when orchestrating future trade deals. As they strive to rebuild their team, navigating such curveballs will be key to ensuring successful trade negotiations in the future.


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