Jameson Williams says Detroit Lions are ready to ‘Do what we do’ against Broncos

Jameson Williams says Detroit Lions are ready to 'Do what we do' against Broncos.

Jameson Williams says Detroit Lions are ready to ‘Do what we do' against Broncos

The Detroit Lions are gearing up for a significant comeback following their Week 14 loss to the Chicago Bears, and wide receiver Jameson Williams says his team is ready to ‘Do what we do' against the Denver Broncos. This game is pivotal, as the team is on the cusp of clinching the NFC North division, and the pressure is mounting.

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What did Jameson Williams Say?

Williams highlighted the team's focus and improvements, noting an uptick in performance and commitment to minimizing errors. There's a palpable sense of urgency within the team, driven by their desire to redeem themselves and make a strong push for the playoffs.

“We're just on our things. Details is rocking. Everything is going up,” Williams explained. “No drops, you're out there moving fast and everything's just going good for us.” 

“I feel like we had an embarrassing loss last week that we've got to shake back from and we know that,” Williams said. “Dan don't really got to tell us that at all and we just know what we've got to do this week to play better. Less turnovers and just play good football. Do what we do.” 

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Lions are looking to recover from their recent loss, with Williams emphasizing improved team dynamics and performance.
  2. The team is acutely aware of the high stakes as they near clinching the NFC North division, adding to the urgency of their preparations.
  3. The Lions' resilience is player-driven, showcasing their internal motivation and the effectiveness of Dan Campbell's leadership.
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The Bottom Line – A Testament to Tenacity

The Detroit Lions, under the combined influence of Jameson Williams' player-driven approach and Dan Campbell's expert coaching, stand poised to turn their recent defeat into a stepping stone toward greater achievements. This Saturday's game against the Broncos isn't just another match; it's an opportunity for redemption, a chance to showcase their resilience, and a moment to transform an 'embarrassing' loss into a triumphant comeback.