Jared Goff calls out Detroit Lions media

Detroit Lions QB Jared Goff is putting a few media members on notice!

The Detroit Lions are set at quarterback for the time being with Jared Goff, whom they acquired from the Los Angeles Rams in the blockbuster deal that sent Matthew Stafford to Hollywood, as the main man at the position. And he's letting certain media members know how he feels about some of the less-than-flattering things that have been written about him.

Jared Goff Detroit Lions

Jared Goff's time with the Lions didn't have the ideal start, but he's rebounded nicely

There's no getting around the fact that Goff and the Lions took a while to get used to one another, as they went 1-6 to start the 2021 NFL season. But as Goff would say, he never lost confidence in himself, and now finds himself and the rest of the offense flourishing under OC Ben Johnson.

Goff is calling out members of the Lions' media

But if you think that Goff has forgotten about some of the negative things that were written about him during his early days with his new team, think again. He put a few unnamed Lions media members on notice with what he essentially described as writer's block after they began turning things around.

“I think there's a lot of members of our media that have an easy time writing bad things. And they have for quite some time,” Goff explained on the “Pardon My Take” podcast. “And when we were 1-6, they were laying it on pretty thick. And then we kind of flipped the script, and it was almost like they ran out of things to write, because they weren't used to putting positive news out there. I guess I don't know how else to frame it. And yeah, it maybe took a little gas out of their tank — and it's been fun.”

Key Points

  • Jared Goff was acquired in a blockbuster trade with the Rams for Matthew Stafford in 2021
  • While he started 1-6 in his first year with Detroit, he's rebounded nicely
  • Goff and the Lions are flourishing under OC Ben Johnson
  • Goff called out Lions media members for their negative sentiment towards his early tenure in Detroit

Bottom Line: Goff's swagger is good for the Lions

When your team's quarterback is feeling confident in himself and backs it up not only in the media but on the field, there is nothing but good things that can follow.

We're looking forward to seeing how Goff and the Lions perform this fall, especially with the new aura of anticipation that's seen season tickets sold out at Ford Field for the first time!