Jason Cabinda blasts Jason Whitlock for ignorant take regarding Detroit Lions

Jason Cabinda blasts Jason Whitlock for ignorant take regarding Detroit Lions. Photo Credit - Christopher Hanewinckel - USA TODAY

Jason Cabinda blasts Jason Whitlock for ignorant take regarding Detroit Lions

The fallout from the controversial 2-point conversion call in the Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys game continues, with Jason Cabinda vehemently criticizing sports commentator Jason Whitlock over his comments on the incident.

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Whitlock's Take on the Controversy

Jason Whitlock shared his perspective on social media regarding the Lions' strategy in the crucial moments of their game against the Cowboys. He argued that the Lions were not victims but rather architects of their own downfall.

“The Lions succeeded in creating confusion. Three linemen — 58, 68 and 70 — all walk/run toward the ref,” Jason Whitlock wrote on social media. “How many Lions does it take to report 1 lineman as eligible? 68 needed a personal escort from 58? 70 ran onto the field making a beeline for the ref as if he's reporting eligible, just like he had earlier in the game. Stadium is loud. Three guys move toward you. One of them (70) briefly makes hand gesture like he's reporting. Ref announces 70 as reporting eligible. Lions are not victims. Dan Campbell wanted confusion and he got confusion. He should've kicked the XP after the penalty. Dan Campbell screwed up.”

Cabinda's Strong Response

Jason Cabinda, responding to Whitlock's assessment, labeled it as one of the “laziest takes” he's seen. Cabinda highlighted the strategic necessity in football of not making intentions obvious to the opposing defense, especially in critical plays like a 2-point conversion.

“Gotta be one of the laziest takes I’ve seen,” Cabinda wrote in response to Whitlock. “Anyone who really knows football and knows about plays like this knows that sending only one OL to the referee for a 2 pt conversion where the defense is stagnant and can see everything going on is like telling on yourself pre-snap.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jason Cabinda's Rebuttal to Jason Whitlock: Detroit Lions player Jason Cabinda strongly criticized sports commentator Jason Whitlock's assessment of the controversial 2-point conversion call in the Lions vs. Cowboys game, calling it one of the “laziest takes” he's seen.
  2. Whitlock's Critique of Lions' Strategy: Whitlock argued that the Lions intentionally created confusion during the critical play by having multiple linemen approach the referee, suggesting this led to the botched call. He also criticized head coach Dan Campbell for not opting for an extra point after the penalty.
  3. The Strategy Behind Reporting Eligible: Cabinda emphasized the strategic importance of not making play intentions obvious to the defense, particularly in high-stakes situations like a 2-point conversion.
Jason Cabinda

Bottom Line

The debate over the Lions' controversial 2-point conversion attempt against the Cowboys has sparked varied opinions. Jason Cabinda's rebuttal to Jason Whitlock’s critique serves as a reminder of the intricate strategies at play in professional football and the challenges teams face in executing them under high-pressure conditions. As the Lions move forward, this incident will likely continue to be a point of discussion, analysis, and learning for all involved in the game.