Jim Harbaugh’s at it again; Invites every coach in America to U of M football camp

If Jim Harbaugh is not the most innovative coach in college football, then I don’t know who is. Amid criticism of the announcement he will be hosting satellite camps across the United States, Harbaugh has decided to invite Mark Dantonio, Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, and every other coach in America to the University of Michigan Football Camp.

On Friday morning Harbaugh sent out a tweet with the details of the invitation.

This is a genius move by Harbaugh, as high school players across the country will flock to Michigan knowing they will be able to show their talents to multiple college coaches at the same time. In addition, college coaches will also sign up left and right to attend the camp if they know many of top recruits will all be in the same place on the same day.

Sure this will result in great exposure for the players and coaches, but don’t think for a second that Harbaugh does not have an ace up his sleeve. Due to the fact the camp will be held at the University of Michigan, many of the top recruits in the country who may not have taken an official visit to Michigan will now make the trip and get a chance to see the state of the art facilities the university can offer them.

Will Dantonio, Meyer, and Saban accept Harbaugh’s invitation and attend the camp, or will they reject the offer because it’s Michigan? Time will tell, but if some of the greatest prep players in the country all gather in one place and those coaches do not attend, then they would be making a huge mistake.

Harbaugh has quickly become the most polarizing person in college football, but unless all of these innovative moves translate into victories on the field then it will be all for nothing. Look out college football, Jim Harbaugh is driving the bus now.

Sincerely yours in football? Seriously, who does something like this?

Jim Harbaugh does.

What do you think Nation? Will Jim Harbaugh’s innovative moves translate into victories or will it all be for nothing?

What do you think?

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