Kelly Stafford has message for LeGarrette Blount after he stands up for her hubby

On Sunday, the Detroit Lions looked like absolute garbage for over three quarters in their 30-27 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. In fact, with 10:32 left in the contest, the Lions trailed 30-13 and it looked like a certainty that they would be blown out for a second-straight week.

But that is when the play happened that just may turn around the season for the Motor City Kitties. (Ok, maybe not, but stick with me for a moment). On 2nd and 10 at the Lions 30-yard line, Matthew Stafford dropped back to pass but felt pressure and had to take off running. As Stafford approached the first down marker, he was shoved out of bounds by 49ers defensive back Elijah Lee.

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Though it was probably a fair hit by Lee (Stafford certainly was not giving himself up), Lions running back LeGarrette Blount had his own opinion and came to his quarterback’s defense.

Watch as Blount two-hand shoves Lee to the ground and then stares him down.

The Lions were given a 15-yard penalty and Blount was ejected from the game.

Was it a smart football play by Blount? Well, that depends who you ask.

One person who absolutely loved that Blount had Stafford’s back was Stafford’s wife, Kelly.

Kelly hopped on Instagram (which she is known for) and gave her thoughts on Blount shoving Lee to the ground.

“I don’t care. I love Blount for that shit”










After that play, Stafford and the Lions offense seemed to shift gears and roared back to cut the 49ers lead to 30-27. Unfortunately, when all was said and done, it was too little, too late as the Lions lost for the second week in a row.

Who knows, maybe Blount’s costly play was exactly what the doctor ordered for a Lions team that was lacking fire for the first seven quarters of the season.

Only time will tell.

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